The Pervasion of Life

The meaning of life has been twisted so sickly in order to meet the needs of a few. It was never a game that the average were meant to live.  Everybody below a certain level became a target. The children became a predators ground all of our people were painted with targets. How is it that some children will go missing there whole entire life and not even a trace. If the violence is coming from the places they say how can it be done so eloquently. Like they never existed at all. I have always believed that the elitist of the Word manipulated us to be hunted. You can see the divisions that they started that were deemed necessary. You had to distort the thinking of others in order to get them on your side. With over 6 billion people in the World how many do you think stand tall and protected?

Look at money where once we traded for goods or precious metals now we trade for paper. Paper with no value. To print a mass amount of money is nothing to the reserves. There are no precious metals to back up what is printed. Money burns, metal doesn’t. To give a life a purpose by having them specialize in a trade or domestic good used to be the way. Now we all work for nobody in particular lining their pockets as they sand from their high rises and watch the rest of the World burn. Imagine having enough money to put an end to this all yet they chose ignorance. Old money got their money from the blood, sweat and tears of Americans. They keep their billions by imposing surcharges to the masses. Take bank fees. $42.50 for a returned cheque. Have you lost your damn mind. Everything done all electronic. Everything programmed and done by a computer. You want us to believe that there is somebody typing in this information but what I can tell you they stopped by that person to reconcile ledgers back in 2006. All these fees that are being charged to average citizens. They weren’t kidding when they said the rich keep getting rich at our own expense.

I always knew to avoid the teaching in school as being tit for tat. You could see the colour wash through the pages like those lives never mattered. I never enjoyed history in high school for this purpose. In college though I recommitted myself to my love of the past and took specific courses that highlighted areas and people for the valuable asset they were and not just the liability that anybody of colour was made to appear. Please forgive me for what I am about to say but this is just to show you if one can feel this way than so can another. I didn’t know much about other cultures growing up. I can only say what I remember now. Coming from a small town I can see how corrupt my thinking was. I was scared of other races. I remember even doing a project in the early 90’s based on a white man killing savages (That word is horrible and never should be used but it was littered all over that book that we read that day). This is how I felt. This is what we laughed at. The demise of other people at our expense. I had no idea that ramification that this would have. I was a child who trusted those she was left to.

Who are we if we just turn a blind eye when our fellow man is in pain and crying. Yes we want to protest and riot and be heard but that has ever worked. The only way is a complete over throw of what we already know and rebuild from there. We can’t work with a system that was put into place when the World was just starting. Especially considering nobody alive should have the same beliefs. Knowing what we know why wouldn’t we want to try treat each other equally? What is the harm in doing onto others as you would onto them. Would you say or do these things to yourself? If you said yes you really do need help. That is ok. these are though times when we have no really idea how to manage through it. Every crossroad in history we have chosen the wrong one so we can we return back to the living or do we maintain our position in hell.  This is hell. We are at that crossroads. Which road do we go down and who do we take with us. Deny the truth. Is there not fire and blood shed in the streets? Isn’t mother nature acting crazed as the balance of energy begins to shift? Even she is uncertain of the fate of the World as rage and tyranny ensues.

One only has to look to nature to find the clues we ignored since the turn of time. Life always preserves. Seeds grow into full size entities full or beauty, promise and purpose. I have come to accept the fact that in this uncertain World the only truth is the love that we get from those that can’t speak. Those that truly don’t judge us based on our size, colour or sex. They don’t care who we bring home if anybody as long as when needed they can get fed and cuddled. An animals love is infinite and will last past death. You can see it in their eyes their love and humble faith they have in you to do the right thing. We all this sick twisted living and they way we define life one would have to hope that the end is near. Technology. Did it really save us or did it allow us a quicker means to destroy it’s meaning. Life in all it’s perverted misery never fails to surprise us with what is in store next.

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