The Vibrations of a Celestial Heart

If the start of us being started from one man and one woman then how is it that we have become the entities that we have. Imagine a World, a new World. Filled with so much greenery and life.  There’s infinite peace. There was no dominance over one species. Just harmony and existence a living divinity on Earth. Yes it makes sense that we would explore the different possibilities of habitat and food but how did we get so barbaric in nature? The pivotal turning point that made man into beasts, who was that leader? Where did they come from?

The seed of life is so fragile and so unique. It is no wonder that scientists dedicate their whole existence to unlocking those questions. Their whole life work returns to dust if they don’t find the answers they seek. Why did it become our driving force to step onto those to get to the net tier of hierarchy. Where did this tier come from? If we all at one time started from the same place (and truly really we would have to), and I mean think back to the dawn of time. That time when man made his first step on soil. There is no way conceivable that when we took over the Earth that we were born with titles and wealth. Man imposed that for some reason. Yes sloth like behaviour shouldn’t be rewarded but what about the good intentions and pure heart. No wonder why we behave like archaic Neanderthals who have no idea how to co-exist. We should never fear each other. Violence should never be the answer. We should never want to see our fellow man stumble because when he does we do too.

When did lying become the World known language. Look in the face of an honest man and you can see their fear, their pain. Look in the face in a liar and you can see that smug look of content .There is so many reasons we should feel ashamed as humans. The way we treated those we had no knowledge of as pawns in a sick twisted game. If your stomach doesn’t turn at how they behaved and still behave then you are just as bad as them. In my feed was a storey about a young man of only 14 who was beaten to death. He was accused of rape. In this picture you can see his badly beaten caved in face. His parents stood over him as the picture was taken. He was found guilty by a jury of his peers with only the testimony of the woman. Imagine the men who laid their fists on this boy over and over again. Imagine the pain, fear and agony that young boy had to endure. His parents watching on. Imagine being the mother, the father held back by goons. Now what if I told you this was common. This was how so many lived back then. If I told you that the woman who accused the boy of raped finally admitted her guilt. She lied. She was in fact an entitled white woman who probably misinterpreted the sweet smile of an angelic boy as that of a predator. Back then white women hide their desires towards these viral black men by accusing them of hideous things. Generally speaking from what I have seen most of these white men just sat around drinking and eating so making love to them would be like making love to a sack of old potatoes. We can’t help who we desire. The idea that we limit ourselves to race, sex, religion is just another way for us to be controlled. If only we were born blind I think the World would have been a better place.

We had an opportunity to create this incredibly loving place where we celebrate in each other’s victories. We all could have had these lives were we don’t have to live in fear. I  can’t help to get angry at the first person who stood in front of a crowd and demanded respect only to have it squandered away. Littered throughout time are tyrant leaders that lead with a heavy first. In all the lands they conquered they had to burn, rape and enslave the men they found. Why was this deemed as living Take a good old deep breath inside yourself and ask yourself who you want to be. Do you want to be that person who is responsible of killing millions? Hating somebody as a novelty and not for an honest reason. I hate the idea that our European ancestors did such deplorable acts. They ruined so many lives and who knows where we could have been now.

Nobody has benefited from these ignorant acts. Depraved in nature it threatens to haunt our future.  I try to love with a celestial heart. Pure in my intentions and selfless in my acts. I only want to make my World a better place if only for a day. To bask in all means of life. To wallow in the oh so significant ways that all life comes into being. To my immediate family and all those I get the pleasure to walk beside. I hope one day we can all hold hands and sing a new melody of how we wish to be. I get the same joy out of my son’s smile as I cat gets from napping in the son. Listening to the birds singing in the trees and the magic of life all around. My peonies are almost ready to bloom and my garden is starting to flourish. It is amazing how much difference a day can make. I have a tomato plant in my greenhouse window in my kitchen. Every so often as I cruise on through (the layout of our house is kind of like a circle) I look up at that tomato plant. I would be darned to say that I am sure I see that lil plant growing. From the wee hours of the morning to the night I am sure of it. It is almost double in size. Maybe it is the energy in the room, me practicing my violin or just the way I try to keep the mood light. Maybe it is loving the way I warm it’s water before giving it a drink. All life around us responds to our vibrations the good, the bad, the ugly.

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