On Bittersweet Death (Inspired by the Movie Replica starring Keanu Reeves)

I watched this movie last night as my boys slept. It was called Replica, filmed in 2018. Starred Keanu Reeves. Have you heard of it? Maybe you have already seen it. It is ranked #2 on Canada Netflix. The storey line is basically that of a mad neuroscientist who is trying to install the memories into robots (or in this case clones) in order to prolong life.  The storey line unfolds after his whole family perishes in a crash. I am sure you can already determine where this is going. The moral dilemma throughout the whole movie is how we deal with death. Death in itself appears so selfish. We have the deceased who maybe no fault of their own is now gone. And us the survivors.

The way they talk about science and neurotransmitters makes one believe in science. But ask yourself personally. When death comes a knocking on your door where do you hope that door leads too. Some believe that it all just fades to black. Lights out game over. I for one can not buy into that. The people that have blessed my life and still do even in death there is no way that they have just vanished, that they are forever gone. Our bodies are these vessels of matter. Meant for us to experience this thing called life. Remember energy never dies it just changes form.  Albert Einstein said that.   Maybe that is why I am having a problem bending my mind into divinity. I can get so far then my mind just stops. I have tried focusing in the moment. I tried to hear the sounds unheard and the words left unspoken. My life and house is too chaotic. I know you may say that isn’t reaching the next realm of reality all of our life’s purpose? Yes it is but I am in no rush to get there.

Things happen in all of our lives not to torture us but to remind us of what is at stake. It isn’t about winning. It isn’t about being the last man standing because that will never be. We aren’t supposed to live forever or that is something we would do. To perverse our reality over and over again by focusing on those things that mean the least.  You can see it in the kind eyes of any animal as you hold them close and listen to their heartbeat. Stroke their third eye and watch where they go.  Serenity comes to all life when in the right hands. Why can’t more of us live in that place. Since the dawn of the first sunrise we have been lead astray. There will never be a winner in life except for those who die graciously. Resurrection into divinity with the humblest of heart is the destiny for us all. Take advantage of the gift of life though and there is no guarantee where you will go when you take your last breath. There is no guarantee anyways. Maybe it really is just black. But so is sleep.

Maybe dreams come to us to help guide us down a different path. When there are no dreams maybe we don’t have to go off to another dimensional to try and get it corrected. Dreams are hauntingly beautiful in the way that they come to us. Like magic. Another time another reality with tall those we have loved sitting at our table. I remember once as a young girl I had overdosed on weed brownies. I was babysitting and wasn’t told how “special” these were. I ate so many and when the high came on I thought I was dead. I didn’t move for 48 hours. My sister was going to call the ambulance. I remember waking up on a Friday so out of it confused. I had lost two days of school. What I remember the most was feeling like I had entered hell. There was so many lights just on these continuous loops. They were meant to relieve there lives over again on this continuous loop being tortured by their own sins. I was stuck there too. Replaying my life over and over again. Real or not it was my first glimpse into maybe there was something after death.

So what do you think? It is a little suspicious that we only use the smallest portion of our brains. Like the rest is turned off somehow. Maybe it is. Maybe when we die we go somewhere else dependant on who we were here. Maybe another piece of our brain gets activated. How is it that over 100 billion years we are only present for .000000000000000001% or even less. I am not interested in the math but the prospect of it all. If there is something after all this do you think it helps us or hinders us to be assholes? If we all become one imagine how tortured we will become knowing that we are ourselves had a hand in our own demise. Black lives matter, Indigenous matter, Asians matter, Trans lives matter. WE ALL MATTER!! I think the punishment for obnoxious human behaviour should be the removal of the eyes. Think of that. Not removing the eyes but when we lose any piece of us our brains still remain in tact. Which I wonder if when I person get’s dementia or Alzheimer’s if there minds have already crossed over leaving behind their bodies. Maybe that is why there is no memories, no conscious thought. The only memories that surface are the grooves over time like ghosts. I remember sitting with my Grandfather’s as he battled this disease for years. There was a time when he always remembered who I was. Then he didn’t. He would tell me about his cows and his farm and ask about his wife and I would hold his hand. He always thought I was a nurse. If you ever had to stare in the red rimmed eyes of the greatest man you have ever had the chance to love you will know my pain. You know though there would always be a glimmer in his eyes and his lips would turn up. In that second I would quickly tell him I loved him and give him a hug. I always took in the deepest breath of his musky scent because I knew one day it would need to last me a life time.  Do I want to see my Grand Dad again? Of course I do. I would give anything for one of his hugs. Would I use him as a science experiment to bring him back. Absolutely not. Watching that movie will make your mind think of where your values lie. My heart tells me that no matter how bittersweet death is in this life what happens after will set us free.


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