Uniform in Values, Flawed by Design

What does it mean really to have values these days. I have heard these memes about not having old school values. Which there are so many benefits and downsides to both. Our reality though seems to be that we don’t have too much of a value system in place. We lead by our ignorance like it is the only salvation worth having. We water down our worth with opinions that we would never have in the first place. Scared of our own intentions we try to stay undetected unheard. It is hard to stand up in a crowd of wolves. Best to blend into the pack and let the day waste away.

I always hated how uniform the World all seemed. At least it was that way when I was young. We all relatively had the same bed times. Mainly because after a certain hour the 1 or 2 channels we all seemed to have went to more adult style programming and the news. If you were up till the news came on, well no buts you just better be getting to bed. The values I had handed down to me came from family. My grandparents living across the field we could run and see them any day. Most days we did if only to steal some peaches or chase of after the chicken. Grandpa was always out tending to his cows and Grandma would be inside turning butter or other delicacies. Of course we misbehaved. All children misbehaved it is how we start to understand right from wrong. How can you grow unless you make a couple stumbles along the way?

We are all poisoned by society and our desire to fit in. If you weren’t accepted by the friends in your school then life became hard. Sitting by yourself smoking cigarettes as the rest of the World passed you by. Wondering if there was any sense of trying anymore as you already knew the opinion the masses had on you so what was the sense. I wish I could tell my childlike self that the only acceptance that mattered was the one that you felt in your heart. That sense of happiness that arise from your belly after a seemingly productive and perfect day. Our days should be spent living in that tranquil moment for as long as possible. Not to self isolate but to plan your words and actions accordingly. Most only have one shot till we all fade to black.

I wish in school they taught me etiquette and poise and the art of not only seeing in colour but embracing all colours. The demeaning identifiers that were used at such a young age it is no wonder racism is born in our children. Imagine being the only child in the room who is hearing their ancestors described as being lower than dirt. Why after such a lecture would the other children treat that child as an equal.  Maybe history is based served in higher educations. Not to such an impressionable brain that only focuses on these new words that they have been taught.

Maybe we don’t have to classify the time period that a value has come from. It truly doesn’t matter. The essence that is left behind should be the focus. Values don’t have to be uniform in nature but common by definition. I still remember my mom saying, “treat others as you would want them to treat you.” When does that stop applying? When does the ruler of the iron fist get to lay their heavy hand down and leave it there? How long does madness need to keep occurring before we admit that we have failed? Not me and you but society. So what are the values do you think are important to being a good human being? The two that leap into my head or empathy and compassion. If you can not feel a twinge of what somebody else is feeling than truly what good are you. Yes I know we can’t really walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes to feel their pain. However, look at their face, feel their emotions, dare to look in their eyes the window to their soul and lock your gaze. You see the demons they are running from want to catch you too. Can’t you feel that fear and pain resonating throughout them.

I also think a certain level of etiquette and manners is very important when dealing with others. Every being deserves to be treated with the utmost of kindness and respect. Every single one. So if we are kind and respectful what else could we possibly need. The one thing I treasure most is my very humble heart. I am humbled by the life that unfolds in front of me. I am protected in the arms of my family who allow me the opportunity to try and do the same. I have an infinite source of love inside of me that isn’t perverted by the torture or abuse long ago. In fact I saw a post just last night that broke my heart. The question was asked if your wife was raped by 3 men do you leave her? The outstanding amount of replies saying to dump her she’s trash. Dump her three men came inside of her. Dump her she’s a whore. Not one man in this tweet defended their wife. They all talked about how a woman after a sexual assault is damaged goods and not worth the effort. These are the son’s and father’s that walk amongst us. They even had comments like she deserved it being out somewhere where that could happen. Why would she be out without me. What all of these men are missing are compassion. 82% of all juvenile victims are female. 90% of adult rape victims are female. Of course they don’t understand something that doesn’t ever happen to them. Men hold all the power between their legs.

The World is trying to be heard and saved from these tyrants that have ruled over them long ago.  Imagine coming across these beautiful cultures for the first time. The way they embraced their land and honoured all life. Curiously they welcomed these foreigners with open arms. They embraced who they were and blindly hoped for the same. They loved mother Earth like they were born from her hips. They honoured and worshipped all life including these foreign men who only wanted them for their own sick game. The heavy hand that came down threatened to eliminate their spirit. And for the most part it did. However, the heart and soul of their ancestors still comes to the surface as they try to be heard in this long out battle that we all need to come together in solidary. We need to rewrite our values and that starts with compassion for all beings. No matter who it is they portray themselves to be.

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