Apocolyptic Rapture

Two words dance around in my subconscious like strangers intertwined for the first time. At first you can hardly tell one apart from the other out of the sheer closeness out of the two. But there is something uncertain almost unknown in the hesitant way they follow the way the other moves. You can hardly tell where one begins and where the other ends except for the sheer shortness of breath. Losing focus as I begin to take it all in I marinade in the meanings in order to become clear once again. The definition of the words that tango in my mind are:

rapture: The rapture is an eschatological concept of a minority of Christians, particularly within branches of American evangelicalism, consisting of an end-time event when all Christian believers who are alive, along with resurrected believers, will rise “in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air.” (as defined as Wikipedia).

apocalypse: The complete final destruction of the world, as described in the biblical book of Revelation.

The first saving only a few and taking many. The last taking them all. The idea that one book is the true meaning of life that can save us all is obscene. Not to talk down about religion but there is no way ever if we all came from the same beginning that we would attest to another class, race, or orientation of human to not be deemed worthy enough to save.

What did you think the end of the World would look like? Or did you not allow your mind to wander down that way because you assumed during your lifetime you would never see the day. It feels to me like we have strayed so far from our original purposes that now the final test has come down to save us.

I think we can all safely say that Jesus existed. We can’t deny that Buddha and Vishnu and all the other holy beings that walked the Earth also existed. The idea that only one being, one entity is the be all end all does not make sense at all either. Gather the similarities from all the teachings. They come to us in different shapes and forms because we are all different. It can’t be one entity looking back at us because we are all the same. The forms that are revealed to us are in the images that we most respect. Can you deny Moses and Noah too? We don’t like the idea of these holy and righteous entities because they remind us of how far we have gone in the wrong direction. How can all of civilization admit to this failure? To say now oh man we totally messed up. We shouldn’t have raped the land  and stolen children from other countries. Let’s not admit our mistakes and let’s spend our lifetimes and then some trying to cover it up.

Life is not a game meant to seek and destroy to see who can finish first with the most junk. That is what your prized possessions become when you die. Junk. The treasures you carried from decade to decade to pass on to those you love now sit in a pile to be divided up between the thrift store and dump. What did you learn from this journey into this lifetime? Whoever claims them first. The houses you acquired the cars you drove will one day become obsolete. Laying there on your death bed as it all flashes before your eyes and you figure out what your life was meant for…the thud of the dirt hitting the casket above your head reminds you to be still now it is time to sleep.

This does feel like the end of the World. We have no greater understanding of each other than we did when man and woman took their first step hand in hand. Aren’t we all beautiful works of art in our own divine form. Only those destined for a life surrounding by fire in hell would think otherwise. No human being would murder an innocent man just to feel his last breath escape his body. You can’t tell me you don’t feel the life of the one you suffocate escape from your body. What about those who hang innocent boys from the trees like a sick perverse Christmas decoration? These beings are not human. No righteous being wants to see blood spilled in their streets at their own hand.

The fire that erupted and the violence that came forth was all out of fear and out of hate for those that have kept them suppressed for as long as they have been. Even the righteous can’t sit still with a hand holding them under water. Even those beings who never had an ill thought form in the brain are now poisoned with them. Survival makes those in question do unthinkable things. How odd it is that we conduct ourselves poorly, acting like pubescent teens trying to get our way hiding behind those figures that only wanted to bring us light. The teachings handed down where all about finding the divinity inside of you, honour the life that we share this space with and do onto others as you would want done onto you. Hence why we implemented the death penalty in the first place. The idea that you make the family of the deceased pay for the sins of their families attacker is appalling. Hi Mr and Mrs so and so sorry that your son/daughter/mother/husband was murdered by so and so but can you make sure you pay your taxes? We need you to work the rest of your life and pay on time because as you know that guy who forever changed your life is sitting in 3 star accommodations. If you think they have lost anything other than their freedom you are wrong. Here in Canada at least they get to wear street clothes, live with their gang friends, play video games and even get overnight visits with their loved ones. Their life has really not changed at all except for they don’t get to party and they don’t have to work. How is that for a slap in the face of every taxpayer.

It is funny how both of these words both final in their meaning both require that the life being saved has been honourable. Well, well, well I wonder who is in charge of determining who lived a righteous life. None of us that is for sure. I wonder what the other side will look like after the corrupted turn life has taken over here. To be raptured or  witness the apocalypse. Ask yourself this. It is impossible for the rapture to take your body as it goes. Matter is left behind and only the energy transcends. Is that why those die early way before their years? Have they been taken early as they have proven themselves worthy enough to ascend into the Heavens? Have we been left behind because we are strong or because we are weak? Maybe those left behind are the warriors the World needs. There is no way to truly tell into your time has arrived.

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