An Untimely Demise

Psssttt over here! Just between you and me. Are you listening? I have been plagued with these thoughts that I just need to express. I trust you. Will you listen? Will you tell me what you think?

I have spent my lifetime trying to reach the deepest, darkest corners of my mind to make sense of it all. I have become hypnotized by the great lives lived before me. Now more recently about those who have met an untimely demise. The ones that would have had the greatest impact on our lives slip first. Is it by coincidence, chance or a by product of circumstance. Look for the commonality. Look for what makes sense. How can this happen to so many great lives before they even realize their own potential. Consumed with toxic thoughts. Maybe they have seen what we are not able to see. Maybe they reached the darkest corners of their mind before we did and they couldn’t handle what they saw. Maybe when given the chance to rub shoulders with those we are told we want to rub shoulders with they hated who they become.  Maybe just maybe they were sent to warn us but they were taken before they were given a chance.

What on Earth am I talking about you may ask.  I am talking about the stars that have graced over many lifetimes that held inside them the power to change the World. Marilyn Monroe, River Phoenix, Divya Bharti, Selena, Bruce Lee, Jean Harlow, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Aaliyah, Jim Morrison, Freddie Mercury, Buddy Holy,Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Martin Luther King Jr, JFK. This list goes one. Some people say they all died legendary status at the peak of their careers. I can’t help but think that in some way that this was an elaborate scheme sent down to try and keep us under thumb.

Accidents happen. A lifestyle filled with reckless sex, drugs and who knows what else would indicate that they got just what they deserved. But dance with me to the furthest corner of your minds and let your mind go. What all these young lives had in common was access to the most powerful people in the World and access to all of s. Yes we filled the concert halls and brought them all of their success but at what cost. You can’t open the door to wealth without seeing a thing or two. It isn’t by fault but by design. That is why we are told money and power are the root of all evil because it all starts from there. Some people are naturally born evil. For whatever reason they just were born on the wrong side of what is right. Usually nobody likes these people. Think of Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Clifford Olsen. All sick and twisted in their own way brought down by their own failures. What if though there was a stranger amongst your midst who didn’t conform to your ideology. Think of under age sex, different types of bondage, swinging. All things that one can turn a blind eye to…maybe? But what if you just can’t?

What did most of our young stars taken to soon have in common? A quick rise to fame and maybe a misunderstanding. To have it all given to you in a blink of an eye doing what you love. Becoming who you were born to be. All it could take would be the wrong party with the wrong crowd and dare we say lights out? Drugs, sex and rock and roll right? Now listen to the words that these artists brought to us. Their gift before they left our World. Music to them was their way to communicate with us in ways that would allow us to open up our heart to the bigger picture.  Art came to us at all forms. From beautiful photographs and captivating pictures to heart wrenching lyrics of pain and ones that gave us hope. Drugs yes I know the proverbial overdose and all that jazz. But read their words. Read the words of those most tortured. JFK said two nights before he died that he knew they were coming for him. What did he see? It was more than just his stance on war. Look at how we protect our beloved Trump. One man stands behind glass the other… He knows he can’t be touched. He has secrets that he needs to keep. Why would a great man die for another man to live? That is the nature of the game.

Some days I like to get lost in the feud between NOTORIOUS B.I.G and 2 Pac. Was there a feud? Yes West meets East. Blood against Crips. Reds against Blues. Pretty easy to understand right? Why would two men at the peak of their careers with lyrics about the Trade Towers under attack and not living to see a Black president. Talking about what it meant to live, to grow up in the projects. I don’t care who you are close your eyes and listen to the music, the words, the message. Tell me why we have no idea who shot these two in similar gangland style shootings? Tell me how if it was anybody else in the World we would know who it was that shot them? Maybe we aren’t meant to know because this came from the higher ups. Stop these two from talking because they will inspire too much. I often suspected Puff Daddy as the one who actually knows all the facts. Who else gained as much as he did the night Biggie Died.

Anybody who had the power to motivate us, those people were snuffed out early. And those who knew too much were also cut short. We finally have a gateway into this ring of evil and we are once again left in the dark. Am I the only one who is tired of the puppeteer. The fact that we seem to only be allowed to live in order to line their pockets. Keep turning hamster wheel you will never make it anywhere. Yes our lives are filled with just enough to keep us interested but nothing more than that. We have lost our control of reality by allowing our media to be polluted the way it was. There was a time when art was the message and we could use it to provoke thought.

I will leave you with this thought. Imagine knowing at 25 your time was about to come. How would you live? What would you do? Would you cower and fear and hope that the worst would evade you? Or would you wake up each day and kiss your mother on the cheek not knowing if you would come home alive.  This is how 2 Pac spent his time in fame. Fighting for the people he loved trying to make the World a better place.

“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.”  2 Pac



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