Altering the Course of the World

I think about how volatile the World is these days and can’t help but think about how it came to be. The continuous pollution of our own thoughts has deteriorate our inner being. Walking on egg shells we try to get the approval of those we don’t even know. There reaction to who we are and aspire to be controls our every move. We are scared to speak up about what is most important to us out of fear of being ridiculed or hated. I am surrounded by so many loving beings who are just happiest in my presence. We laugh, play, love in our own unique ways. We have lovingly accepted each other for all our faults and gravitate towards comforting each other in times of needs. Even our beloved tripawd has adapted magnificently. One only has to watch his courage as he maneuvers around the house to understand that animals don’t see flaws. Not in themselves or those that they keep company with. If he were human there’s a chance he would never recover from such a devastating loss. It shows us as well just how much our egos come into play when we are dealing with life and our own morality.

I am scared of the World and what it is becoming. Too often it seems that people are your friends into you out serve your purpose. You think that you know somebody and in the moment you do.  When the scales begin to tip though in their favour you will be lucky if you ever see them again. Maybe you do. Probably though in different company. Keeping in theme with the flavour of the day until that too runs out. The only fear I have now is not standing true to my truth. When it comes to others feelings I always keep them in mind however if you continuously display poor judgement and flaws in character I hate to say all bets are off. The only person I need to impress these days is myself. To lie awake at night wondering if I did enough. Or have I done too much. Who quantifies are own existence if not ourselves. The one sided mind will tell you to leave it all in the past. There is nothing to see here nor is there anything to learn. What are these deep seeded secrets that have cost so many people their lives? None of this has happened by chance. From the time that this has all begun it was a well thought orchestra played out in D minor.

People in power have been conditioned to believe that they have no prosecutor, judge or jury. They feel like they are above the law and can out manipulate any situation. Maybe they have information that can damage the reputation. Call it blackmail.  Something somewhere has given some people this idea of self righteousness entitlement that poisons our minds even now. It is so easy to stand in the shadows and pretend like there is no violence in the World. Even as I am writing this I fear for what the next days news can possibly bring. The person I was before all this started no longer exists. How can she. So much has happened and has been brought to the forefront that by ignoring this now should only add fuel to the fire. It will get worse before it will get better. There will be war on our soil and more blood will have to be shed. There are divisions set everywhere fenced in by fear and hate. We aren’t privy to know the truth because the truth will set us all free and imprison those that have pooled the wool over our eyes.

Our World is one where we allow our children to get molested over and over again and still side with the predator. We don’t want to admit our own shortcomings because we think that means we have failed. To use our voice to say, “Wow that situation is messed up.” Take this Epstein mess. In what lifetime do we make the victims relive their abuse over and over again. When they start pointing the finger at people in extreme power and say that is the one who stole my innocence and we stare blankly at them and say prove it. What proof do you need to show that these women were victimized over and over again? We could easily set them up to lie detectors and call it a day. We would rather arrest these low life’s one at a time and watch them be executed and covered up. This is who we have allowed ourselves to become.

Let’s open this up one layer further. There are hundreds of cases of young black men being executed for the apparent rape of white women littered throughout history. The only evidence was the word of the women over these children. They were hung, beaten, electrocuted in whatever fashion the public saw fit. All of a sudden when the women who accused these boys gets sick they need to repent their sins and low and behold they lied through their teeth. There is no retribution, no sorry’s, no regrets. Now you have thousands of young women coming forward saying that they were part of a human trafficking ring but because they are pointing the fingers at the wealthiest men in the country (the only men with the financial background to make this go undetected for this long). These men walk free. Free to hunt our children like dogs and do with them as they will.

In this World we can never be too careful of the company we keep. There are so many people that are looking out for number one. As they should be. However without human compassion for all life we run an incredible risk of hitting each other head on. This will result not only in catastrophic events but will forever change the course of the World.

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