The Drawn Out Line

To be honest. When I started this journey about 500 posts ago…I know can you believe it has been that many. In the beginning I didn’t post so regularly but now it is part of my daily 3’s.  I wanted to feel like my life still had substance, a meaty existence. Something that would stick to your ribs and warm your heart for days to come. There was something inside me that burned with desire to live my most authentic life and if possible help others along the way.

As lady luck would have it she brought upon me a beautiful life filled with so much life and love that it is impossible to even ask for anything more. Happiness these days seems like a privilege when it should be the most basic human right for all of us. As I explored the possibility that maybe the whole World was going astray life as we knew it imploded. What we thought was long left in our past has now begun to slap us in the face. I am not talking about our past. I am talking about humanity’s past. This nation. Our World.

We are talking about the issue that has divided our nation for centuries. The stuff that has infected our essence and haunted our dreams. With half this great continent thinking racism ended when freedom was granted without fully understanding how little to no value that freedom actually meant. How very kind of the owner’s of slaves to free them onto the streets with nothing more than the clothes on their backs if that. Now all this impossible hard manual labour was left to these overly pretentious probably out of shape white men. No wonder why they decided to fill the streets with hate and hellfire.

All they ever wanted was a chance to live and grow with their families and provide for them what they never thought possible. Free from anger, hate and rage and violent outbursts filled with passion. Imagine right now handing over your power to a violent blood thirsty monster who saw little value in your life.  Who would rape you and beat you and force you to bare their children.  You have no voice, no choice your just property that’s it. It’s like your whole life was set up for failure. You just want to fit in. To belong. Can you even imagine that? I can. It hurts my heart to think that there is anybody out there that would feel that way. But there are millions of people that feel that way. So many you can feel their heart break seep into the Earth. If you can’t I beg you to dig down deep inside of you because this time with the progression and severity we have to find a common ground or it runs the risk of destroying us all.

No matter how you look at it there is a lot of anger fuelling both sides. We wants to be the first to lay down the torches when you are unsure of the response of the other side. Maybe it is pride that keeps igniting the embers into a thick putrid smoke. But whatever it is it is time there has to be a way to find peace on common ground or we risk being blown into smithereens. Don’t you think the World is watching the ignorance fuelling both sides. Which also fuels a greater risk for all of us. I guess a civil war here on home soil was inevitable. Even the educated now seems uneducated when considering the lack of complete information and history. Tailored information fed to us to keep us under control.

Maybe look at it differently. Look at it as choosing between love and hate. Or good and evil. You can’t look somebody in the eye without seeing into their heart.  If you could do all that and still stab them in the back. Well you know. I think I am about in the mood to call you out. You can’t feel true love for anybody then lash out this murderous rage. Yes as humans we are entitled to our dignity and yes we are allowed to feel hate. But use the hate to guide you and you become something else. Something possessed and no longer for this World. It runs all ways. For everybody.  Once you cross a line there is no going back. Lines are drawn for a reason and here. To try and play both sides at this point will drive you insane. Plus that will ensure you lose.

To deny anybody or anything basic human compassion and rights doesn’t sit right with me. I am dumbfounded that in the year 2020 we are still fighting over this. There is no questions in my mind, eyes are heart. Our friends of colour need us right now in every possible way. I am standing right here with you I understand. Maybe you might ask yourself is it worth risking your life for? Would you put yourself in potentially harms way for another living being? A Seattle protestor lost her life when she asked herself the same question. In her eyes and in her heart it made a difference to her that she stood up for humanity because she couldn’t bear the weight that would come down on her if she didn’t. To have the chance to stand in solidary when it is needed the most or recoil into the shadows only to come out when the rest of the World has turned to dust.  This choice is up to you. But you should know that the rest of the World there is no question. For the purest of hearts who truly feel light know that there is no peace until all lives truly matter. When the division of colour no longer applies and we can one day dance in the streets.  They have never once asked for retribution for what was done to their ancestors. All they have asked for was that their lives finally mattered. That in history they exist. That they can be recorded and remembered throughout history as the humans they once were. Instead of hunted down in the streets of modern day America like animals with little or no mention of the legends they once were.

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