The Virtuous Value of Self Worth

Think about everything we have been told along the way and try to dissect what tidbits of information you find to be most important.  I think back to the time when my son was taking his first breaths and I was told how important it was to teach him to self sooth. Staring at this tiny little being who just entered the world I couldn’t imagine how I could teach him to find comfort in himself. Teaching him my coping mechanisms would not our apply here. We are far past the days of dipping our soothers in rum in order to get a few restless hours of sleep. This was all new to me but I needed to take a deeper look at everything that was me.

Becoming a mom is a real eye and heart opener. Not only do you truly understand what it means beat outside of your chest but you really do begin to appreciate life in a different way. It got me into thinking that the only true being that has a hope of rescuing us from this tidal wave of despair we have been clinging to for months is in fact a woman. Yes we need the seed of a man in order to create life but only a woman knows how to nurture that being into something great. They always say look at how a man treats his mother and you will know what kind of being he is. This applies to everything in life. A man who can so easily disrespect a woman is no true man at all. Just like a lady should have manner, etiquette and well poised. It is rare to see these qualities thrive in nature anymore. I wonder why that is?

There is no courting anymore. No woo’ing. There are all these app’s designed to get you off in the quickest time possible and on to the next conquest. We dulled our own magic because any other way hurt too much. When you give your heart to another you want it to last. At least I do. I don’t want to change partners like a faced paced game of musical chairs. We have been raised to want the best of everything including spouses. We live in an world where we need to constantly upgrade everything. When the novelty wears off of obtaining something new we move on to the next. Maybe that is our new age method of self soothing. Short of alcohol and drugs staring down at the little baby I had no clue how to make it so he could comfort his own emotions because I had little control over mine.

In today’s modern time there is nothing that is relevant to when we first became into being. There is so many different types of religions. Which seems odd if we all came from the same place. Sure it would make sense we would have different disciples to carry messages to us in the forms of our culture but there can only be one deity. If we as a race are so smart how is it that we fail to see that? If we enter this world alone and leave this world alone wouldn’t it make the most sense that the person we need to regard highest is ourselves? That we can only control our own actions and thoughts and everything else was left up to fate. It also seems insane to talk derogatory to animals. You know what I mean. He is acting like an animal or let sleeping dogs lie. Well if you ask me animals have a lot more common sense then humans. The live trying to find their own contentment and are loyal to those that show them compassion. I wish we could take a lesson out of their book instead of trying to conform them to ours. We are so cruel to the things that we don’t understand. Without even trying we just deem those not worth communicating with and try to exterminate them all.

It is almost like the more knowledge we obtain the further it is we get away from our true purpose of being. There is no way we were put on this Earth to murder, rape and destroy. To smirkly rule over your kingdom with an iron fist and heavy heart sending to damnation all those in your wake. We have lost our ability to feel true love because we are so desensitized to what it feels like to truly be happy. We aren’t content with the newest technology, fashion or trends. We want more! OMG!! My spouse has aged. He has wrinkles, rolls and grey hairs in every which way. Instead of seeing a man who some may say is falling apart why don’t we look at them like the fine piece of art that they have become. Why is it we can’t see the wisdom in their eyes or the hope they hold for a future. When we constantly dilute our essence with the newest and best models we fail to obtain the lesson, the reason we were sent here in the first place.

Staring at my son as he peacefully sleeps I think all the ways that we as adults engage to soothe our beings. There is illicit, tawdry sex with more than likely strangers. Nobody wants to be too freaky with their spouse because it becomes to hard to stare across the dinner table and engage in anything semblance of normality. There are drugs and alcohol that prevent us from feeling a thing. There are those that have no vices and lash out at the world but only after they have beat themselves up to shreds. How can we soothe our frustrations without altering who it is we are to become.  The journey of self discovery will answer these questions. To find out what makes your emotions sore will help you be able to control them. When you see that the greatest activity that will hinder any growth is the one where you fail to see the greatness in yourself the answer seems oh so clear. The greatest gift I can give my son is to boost up his confidence and fill him with self love. To give him the ability to exert passion and self worth into everything he does. That patience is not something given to those not worthy but given to those that are worthiest of all. There is a reason we say good things come to those who wait. Because in the end good things always do.

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