Choose Life

Somewhere amongst the chaos tranquility lies. It lies waiting for us to acknowledge it’s presence like it has never left. They say do what you love and you will never work a day. Never does a hard working man have regrets. Unless of course it is because of a life wasted looking to far ahead instead of loitering looking at the skies. Life happens when you close your eyes. It also happens when you are awake. To find the ease of mingling in between both well serenity need only apply. Have you asked yourself what moves your heart? What is your passion and what would you risk it all for? We all have a line. Maybe it has yet to be drawn but in time it will appear. Like driving a car into a cement wall at maximum speeds. Be prepared for impact.
To appreciate the incredible value that comes with life is lost amongst so many. It is impossible to say that you have compassion if you can hate any being, any man based on looks. To be able to grow something from a seed or watch the miracle of birth. Not from human but from an animal. I have had the incredible opportunity over the past couple years to witness a dog, cat and now budgie bring life into this World. I have also had the opportunity plant a seed and watch it grow. So far I have yet to eaten anything lol But that day will come. I discovered through all this that I had a keen interest in life and it’s meaning. To think that we all do start from a single seed, With cells and DNA. Each eager to experience the best that life has to offer.

My budgies happened by chance. I answered an add on Facebook marketplace that was giving away 5 birds. I had never had birds but have always wanted to. I loved the way they sign and fly and chirp and chatter and love on each other…well for the most part. I went and saw them with my husband about 20 min away from our home. I fell in love instantly. I am a hopeless romantic and love the idea of bringing happiness into any being’s life. When she told me how she bought them in pairs for breeding purposes my heart just ached. There were 5 what happened to the 6th? Just died is all she would say. They saw that birds don’t lay eggs unless they are happy. My husband also didn’t want anything to do with them. So while he was at work I got her to drop them off and the rest is history.

We never really questioned the set up and if it was adequate. I guess thinking back how awful is that. They aren’t happy. Guess we can’t fix it. Let them live in their own personal hell. This bird cage only had one wall to look out. The other 3 were just wall. It was a hutch she converted to a cage to try and make money. We never questioned the set up. I remember in the beginning I would go in and play records. Even just other birds singing. My favourite to play was classical music. My dream was to one day interact with them like how Snow White did in the movie. You could tell which one’s were the pairs with the lil green one being the odd man out. It wasn’t until the first pair laid an egg though that we truly knew who was with who.

Every morning I would go in and say hi to the birds and decided on the music if any to play. I would peer into their dark chambers and say hello. That morning one was missing. There was an egg smashed on the ground and that is when I saw him. Crammed into the house. Eyes missing. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought the birds back to my home. I was scared of the alternative though of what would happen if fallen into the wrong hands. Months had passed and all was back to normal till I noticed my lil yellow girl sitting in the corner. I told my husband she was either hurt or had eggs. He didn’t believe. Next morning sure enough she was off her nest and there was 3 eggs. Shocked I ran and told my husband. We were excited at the possibility of having little birds.

Apparently it is common for the mom to abandon her nest. Especially the first time around. If you ever get a chance to witness the bond between two birds in love it is incredible. Maybe that is what changed my mood almost suddenly. As I moved the one hatched chick to a nest to keep it comfortable the mother was in a frenzy trying to find a mate. Watching these two feel threatened at the possibility of being kept separate they abandoned their baby when they were finally brought back together. I couldn’t move them both into their spacious, bright new cage. I had to do it one at time a time so they were safe. Mom went no problem but Dad. He panicked. He was the loyal mate bringing her food while she nested. These two are soul mates if you believe in the term.

So where does this leave the little bird I have now named Sunny. Sunny because it is both male and female. He should be yellow to reflect his parents feathers. He is helpless and cold with only the comfort of the eggs that may never hatch. A small bird cage and a heat lamp and we will see just how much will he has. He seems to have so much fight. Maybe it is a her. Time will tell. The commitment to something so small is to feed every two hours. While I waited for my husband to get home with the much needed supplies I noticed he started to slow. I stared at him for minutes just praying he would move. My husband’s Grandmother used to raise canaries. Calling her up I listened to everything she had to say. Hard boil eggs take the yolks add formula. I even made a nest out of a sieve and some flannel. Feeling how cold he was getting I held him in my hand. This isn’t about species this is about life. We all thrive on basics. Warmth from my skin. Skin on skin. Holding him or her in my hands I felt her body begin to warm. Hearing the chirps I couldn’t help but think I was on the right track. Processing everything that made common sense I decided to chew the hardboiled yolks to make it easier for him to swallow. So there we were bonding over life. His will to live and my will to give it. We can have compassion in anyway we choose. Just so many of us decide to turn a blind eye and be ignorant to anything that takes away. A baby bird or soliloquy we are all a work of art. It is finding peace in the simplest things and finding truth in your heart.



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