Life is What Happens

Life is what happens when you close your eyes? or open them? Maybe it depends on how you are looking at them. Are you looking through them like nothing else exists. Or do you open them and bask in the World and life around you? I can’t decide which.

I like the assumption that is when you close your eyes you could miss out on all the great things that can happen around you. Blinking could cause you to miss out on something great. But then my thoughts slowly began to change. Yes life passes you by when you close them and for some that is where we want to lie. But crazy things happen when you open them and ogle everything in sight. Life happens in every single moment that we inhale and exhale. We share breaths amongst each other like secret whispers in the night. For what was once inside of me is now inside of you. Keep your thoughts kind and gentle about each for if you don’t your negativity will infect them. Moods are contagious. People have always said that. Ladies who spend too much time together end up synching in each other’s cycle. Crazy isn’t it? What do we all share? A simple molecule known as oxygen leaving in it’s place carbon monoxide. That reaches into the depths of the vegetables that sustain us. The circle of life is infinite. At least science never fails us. Universal languages they say. Science and math.

We are so overly intoxicated with the wrong ways to think and how to feel. We have become so mean just because we think it’s cool. Did you hear about the 4 teenage girls who hit a toddler in the head and beat up her mother. Ya that is happening. Give me all the animals in the World to keep me company. How sad is that? When I think about who I used to be before the World got so dark. Truly. Something happens to you when you take your last breath. It makes you stop and think ya what I was doing and who I was becoming is not who I want to be anymore. It is ok to outgrow your self. Even my memories don’t feel like they are mine. It is hard for me to know what is fact and what is fiction because that girl I know did die that night. These glimmers of times that don’t exist or maybe they never happened. The biggest way to drive you into a deep depression is to think about them. A highlight reel of your life you may say. What truly matters is the right here right now.

What I always knew I wanted was a fairytale. To live the life like a Disney Princess. To feel the magic in the air with each and every breath. To believe in the impossible as a possibility because you yourself believe. Sometimes we don’t recognize or want to recognize what is transforming right in front of you. Lovers morphe into strangers. Strangers become friends. The World you thought you knew before is gone. Always present tense. So if that is the case what is the problem with living in the future. In a constant state of daydream and wonder. You can’t live there forever. You either have to let your feet hit the ground or just allow yourself to float away. Decisions. Decisions.

If you could live your life in any which way. Which way would you want to be? Does it matter how your tale is told if you weren’t even present living it. Drugged or drunked like a hazed out nightmare. Not to worried about the next day when the present sucks even worse. There is so much you can do in the present moment that once lost it will fade away. My most favourite life lesson is to find yourself the most interesting. Enjoy your own company. Have a gas. I do my make-up and hair while I listen to music. In between cleaning the house and keeping care of all the pets. In between I go and water the garden and sing to the birds. Do I remind you of anybody yet. My 9 cats feel like the 7 little gnomes. Keeping me company when needed and being brats every time else. I guess I never noticed how magical life is when you open your eyes. I am busy from the word go. even more so these days with the tiniest of birds to feed. But I committed to them all because this is my family. They all are the reason why I get out of bed in the morning. They are my hope and reminder that amongst all the chaos there are more to just human lives at stake. We hold the key to a great life deep inside us but we were told long ago not to believe.

For my 30 to 40 somethings and everybody else who remembered what it felt like to have magic before they took it away this is for you. Remember Sunday’s when it was the best TV ever? We would all gather around and watch the tiniest of sets. Pop me some popcorn. Traditionally Dad worked and Mom tended to the house. Till the girls got too expensive. Eeeeppppp!! Or TGIF when it was Boy Meets World, Urkele. Or further back to Family Ties, Cheers and Threes Company! I grew up when I thought my family was cool till the World decided to convince me it wasn’t. Anyways. I want to reach out to all of you. So what I am proposing to do is go live on my Instagram (@sweetrubybluez) during every teeny bird feeding (every 2-3 hrs). During these times it will just be me and whoever is connected. After each one I will delete the video like it never happened. So if you are struggling and needing some advice or inspiration please pop on. We can get through this together and bring the good times back. Share with whoever you need who you think might need a friend. I am here and I love you all. I am listening with outstretched hands.

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