Fragments of Destiny

Ever try and have an opinion these days and see who supports? Did you ever think that it would matter in a time as much as it does now? We have let the monster hide in the light of day to prey on our innocence. We allow ourselves to be victimized by believing that if we dare to outstretch out hand that means anybody is allowed to take it and do with it as they may. For as long as I can remember my voice, the voice inside me that guides me along my way started to sound like somebody else. Another voice that was trying to convince to live my lift this way instead of that. People like to pretend like their opinion is the only one that matters. That is they are loud enough everything else will go away.

Take anything that gets exposed these days in the media. Within hours, days, minutes another comes along and tells you to fact check. Some of these facts are wrong. Of course that is because if there were these layers of secrets that were about to be exposed then they would have course have to tell you what was being said was a lie. Ever think that maybe the facts are lies? The person that needed protection is lying. This World has been fueled by so many lies. Telling us to believe in things that were made by man. Things that we invented and made the rest of the human race believe that it was necessary to live. We developed standards, and practices and methods of conformity to establish control. They already know our hopes, desires, wants, and failures. They have seeped into everything we do with our tracking coming down to the magnetic strip in our wallets and soon to be implanted under our skin.

Our waste has become toxic because of the foods we consume. There is a reason why a bear sh*ts in the woods. It is the cycle of life. The difference between a 500 pound bear and us is a bear doesn’t over indulge in chemicals that will kill you faster than a jelly doughnut ever would. Deeply think about something so trivial as waste and the fact that million upon millions of species can defecate anywhere in the wild. No harm no foul. But somehow we have become this overpopulated, uneducated society entertaining ourselves with trivial means instead of absorbing the value of what is really important. There is no sense of freedom anymore than there is security. The World is about to turn upside down in ways that we have only seen on the silver screen. We are not ready to be self sufficient. How can we be? We can hardly even get out of bed in the morning and be presentable. Heaven forbid we stop eating all this fast food and try to put some good nutrition on our tables. Balanced meals seem a thing of the past and when we have one we are quick to post it on social media for acceptance. What about the acceptance we need for ourselves?

There are those that will always try to chime in and just the right time to try and gain who knows what. It’s like women. They like to control the situation by manipulation. There is not a lot of value that comes in an evil hearted woman. The lies they tell. The webs they spin all to try and have the upper hand. After some practice they are easy to spot. Their fake laughter can be heard for miles around. Their even faker smile serves as an armour to keep others at bay. But those types. I see through them faster then the lies coming out of their lips. Maybe it is because when it came to lying and manipulating I was one of the best. You don’t hide over 20 years of abuse without learning a few tricks. There are those who do evil things because they love it and those who do out of survival. You know that fork in the road when you veered down the wrong way? Well it too can make you do things you never felt possible.

I always had a disdain for those who had no issues insulting other women. Especially other’s that were exposed to the same level of trauma. There was this girl I used to occasionally see in the community. I got turned off of her at first when I listened to her talk about her ex’s new girlfriend. She was even insulting her children (who were pretty much babies). The first thought I had was if your ex is that horrible of a person and you are quick to wash your hands of the other woman is it out of jealousy or out of hate? If you know with 110% certainty that he was awful and abusive why would you allow her and her children to be set up for the same hurt as you? I would listen in an uncomfortable silence trying to nod my head like I understood. I didn’t understand though. I couldn’t see how you could laugh at the other woman being objectified. Lucky for me our friendship soon fizzled. Not because of this incident but because she claims to be against men who abuse women but there she was defending a man who threatened to knock my head off and the kicker. The kicker was she didn’t even know him. I see you wolf. Now leave my herd alone.

When it comes to my own opinion I try to form it with an exploration of as many facts as I can. I am well aware that what we see online has been tampered with. Facts and times throughout history just being erased. There will be no true record or account of the life we have lived during this time. We are not doing anybody any favours not in this life time or the next. We are mere fragments of our true destiny that have been polluted along the way.

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