Smoke and Mirrors.

I prefer to have my own opinion. You should always stand tall in your truths and convictions. Open to the possibility of facts but weary on where the facts have been obtained. Did you ever wonder how or why it is so easy to institutionalize those that can see in the bigger picture. The ones that haven’t bought into all the main stream and hype. It is hard not to feel the insecure lining of the way of life that was given to us. Don’t you think it would be an easy decision to live righteous and on the right side of the tracks? Our reality though is we get seduced in a fast pace of living. A style that will never satisfy us. We will sell our souls to the devil. Now you can see how each and every one of us has. If you cower in the shadows and continue to allow life to unfold into these horror’s that were only brought to life in a Stephen King novel. As yourself this. We know Stephen King spent a lot of time in the dark scaring the bejeezes out of himself. At least that is what I remember being told. What is the perversions that he saw that formed is ideologies. We have mayhem in the streets because Hollywood dictates it. Is anybody else surprised that they are the very evil that we should be running from.

Think, think, think and open up your minds. Who really controls the US of A? Hollywood? Am I right? There isn’t just a billionaire for President. He was also a celebrity in his own rights I supposed. He was still voted in even though we knew he was a sexual deviant. I may be ok with the close lip kissing. Peck’s I guess you would say. What I am very uncomfortable with is the *ss grabbing and inappropriate comments that litter each and every day. No presidential term should ever be lived on social media channels. An intelligent man wouldn’t want to be remembered for the grotesque way he talked to his public. The fact that we allow this continue shows just how masochistic we all truly are.

Here in Canada we have done no better. We voted on a guy based on his hairdo and abs. His intelligence has yet to be proved. Not only has he painted his face to portray another race. He has been investigated 3 times for fraudulent behaviour. Currently it is for providing kickbacks to his friends. I think it was 30 million or maybe 3 billion. I could google the facts but it is a waste of time. To listen to his volley the questions because he knew what he had done. He was so passive in his answers I just wanted to reach into the tv and slap him. This is our leader the one we are supposed to trust and have faith that he will lead us into the future. He has basically spit on the face of every Albertan while telling the rest of Canadians he needed a personal day. He needed a personal day because in a baseball loving country we all know 3 strikes and you are out.

What is our obsession with fame and fortune. Think of the harmony that would follow if wealth was equal to all. Imagine the grace in knowing that the same plate of food that I receive you will too. That you no longer need to sleep in the rain. We have lost so much control in every angle of our lives. Our babies are being stolen and tortured to appease those in power to their sick demented ways. We have our teens losing all identity of self as they indulge in sex, drugs and alcohol. There are those teens that are so obnoxious and rude that cause or other teens to kill themselves. Young adults think they are invincible as they move on from eating tide pods to hosting COVID parties. Our middle age are stuck in a rate race that we can’t see what is going on. And our elderly are shaking their head in disgust.

We have perverted life and the means that some take to prolong it. They know they are pure evil and what is waiting for them are the souls of all those that they have taken. Both living and dead. We the middle class have the greatest opportunity. Imagine a World where we take control and say no more. There was a pretty boy in charge voted in by popularity (and not that kind that makes a good government leader) and our neighbours have a celebrity (with the threat of one more).

I am going to leave you with this thought. Mel Gibson came out today with his tale of how grotesque Hollywood is. He did not refer to as it just becoming. He referred to it as ongoing and has been since the birth of greed. Now if Hollywood is so evil in the context that he described that would mean EVERYBODY in Hollywood has been exposed EVERYBODY!!! So what does that really mean. If they were exposed to this life and are now still sitting quiet rest assured that they are ok with that lifestyle. Right now is the ONLY time to come forward if you have seen anything and judging by what is being said it appears that anybody that has been exposed to this circle is guilty unless they speak otherwise. How can anybody be scared when there is safety in numbers. The only hope they have is to keep us all middle class divided. Imagine if we could all set aside our differences to create a new World! An equal World. We can start by dividing the trillions of dollars they stole from us by using smoke and mirrors so that we can all live comfortably. I don’t know about you I hear billionaire’s make great pets. They liked to be kept alive in small cages with little or no light, food or love. Oh wait. That is how they have kept us for centuries.  Time that these roles were reversed.

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