A Life by any Other Name

You know that feeling that you have when you are alone. Left in your own company you come up with thoughts and ideas that will either hinder or hurt. We fantasize about the future like it is promised to us somehow. We lash out at others thinking their existence doesn’t matter much to us and in some ways you are right in that thinking. Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect though? A ripple here can affect the outcome throughout time in either a catastrophic or transcendence kind of way. Do you feel like your life, Joe Smith (or whatever it maybe) will be remembered by anybody say in 20, 30, 40 years. All social media has done is bound us to the past or propel us into the future. We rarely live in the moment these days as we thumb through our camera roll to see which picture maybe appropriate to get the most likes or responses like it is going to matter some day.

Haven’t you ever daydream of another life? another time? any other way of being? Can you visualize the steps taken by your friends and family and can you appreciate what it is that is going on in their minds. Some may think that engaging in this way is a waste of time but how can it be when it is the only thing consistent. My mind and my ego have always been at war. At first came my mind that gave me a lust for life that I thought could never be quenched. Until of course my ego came into the picture and left me with absolutely no win in my sails. Not enough anyways to get me anyway. Those that used to make sense now seem insane. Did you ever have that moment when all of a sudden it is like a light switch and it is like awaking fro a nightmare. Is this true? Is this our reality? Has the World actually deteriorated this much that we need to be alarmed?

If all I can control is the steps I take why do I need to bother with others? The World has become so corrupt so polluted that I can only trust my own free thoughts and the opinions of those I deem close. I can count on one hand those that I would trust me inner thoughts and feelings. It isn’t even a control thing it is wanting to have harmony. Doesn’t it seem weird that we want to hold power over anybody’s life. Short of those that have committed crimes against humanity, hate and rage we should all have the right to a life free of pain, hurt and sadness. We can’t control the outcome of the future but we can try to educate ourselves. To see the values that were important then and compare them to where we are now? We can’t expect to say we have evolved as humans if we can’t make better decisions. Take the Presidency of the United States! Haven’t we all learned our lessons? I mean I am pointing my fingers at you all over the World!! To have another celebrity come into power is a definite crime again humanity. How many more innocent American’s need to die for these two to prove they are on top of the World? What does it say in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? There has to be a law somewhere saying that if a President wasn’t acting in the best interests of the American people then another body can intervene? Doesn’t the United Nations step in during these times? Release the power to the people until a proper candidate is found!!

Lives have happened before us. Some sacrificed their whole lives doing what was right just for us to take it in our grasp and smash it into smithereens. I can’t even count how many species we have run off this planet because we decided we needed whatever it was we needed. Here’s an idea…we were born with what we needed without raping and killing each other. There was food as far as the eye could see before we sectioned it off and sold it for profit trying to convince each other it was necessary for roads, schools, hospitals. Wherever the money is going it isn’t to the people because most of us are lucky to that we love our macaroni or we would all be starving! Oh wait we love our fast food that is right!! The food that funds these empires to suppress each other. We are taxed, taxed, taxed working for companies that pay us peanuts. No wonder Epstein got away with what he did. How could we notice with most of our noses to the grind!

I am going to fight for those lives that came before me in the same way I will fight for those lives that come after me.  Those that I share this lifetime with now don’t need to fight. We need to find a way to squash all this hate and find a way to live in harmony. To the rest of the World we all look crazy hating on our neighbours over something so superficial. Anybody with any bit of intelligence would shake their head in disgust. To all those racists out there thinking that there life is more entitled than anybody else I hope one day you wake up and see how stupid that sounds. I hope it isn’t on your death bed right before you take your last breath. To cut yourself off from those that are different then you make the World an incredible boring place. Instead of fighting amongst each other we should be coming together in unity. Demand real change and get those f*ckers out of power. There has to be a key, a luminous light. The answers that I am looking for has to be lived and uncovered by somebody before me. Somebody out there must have the clarity and mindset to be the change. A life by any other name that deserves the chance to live.

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