Never Send in a Man

Littered throughout history are these great men but standing in their shadows was an even greater woman. No man can ever truly find real success when lead by his own heart. Success comes from having a heart of a woman and the determination to set the world on fire without actually doing so. We have seen most leaders of the US of A lead with their head in their trousers instead of trying to lead with an ounce of common sense.

Take Eva and Hitler. Even a tyrant can find love in a woman. Born inside of the time of them was this idea that they were above all. Any woman can use her silver tongue and get a man to believe that they can achieve anything. We are mother’s that is what we are born to do. Even in our own children we still only see success even through the bars of a prison. In general I think the main reason why a man will fail at leading his country is not enough pride to do what is right and more than enough yellow to cover their whole belly.

Eden was fine until Eve sashayed into the garden and convinced Adam to bite from the apple. In this single handled moment she allowed evil to run rampant in our dreams. Only a woman can entice the man to do something forbidden forever corrupting their mind. In that moment two things were burned into the DNA of every man and woman destined to walk this Earth. One a man’s libido will never be quenched and two the woman will never find satisfaction by getting a man to do as she wishes.

I am reading about MLK Jr and I was horrified but not shocked at the first few pages of the content. “The violence was triggered by newspaper reports that three white women had been assaulted or insulted by black men. Officially twenty-five blacks were reported as killed.”  “Martin Luther King”, Hodgson, Godfrey Pg 16. Did you know that Thomas Dixon’s best selling novel, The Clansman, portrayed the Ku Klux Klan as romantic heroes the defenders of white woman. Imagine the mindset of those that may have had relations with another race, got caught by their husbands, claimed rape and their lover than killed. But in a most distasteful way came to the beating and eventually laughing and jeering as he was strung from the cheers. Imagine being the young lover looking at the woman who set your heart on fire as you hung from the tree. The last image burned in your mind is her laughing face as her husband strikes the final blow. Those women. Those actions. Those lies. Have poisoned our beings throughout time. They have held us in this proverbial noose where we are too scared to stand up and take action. I don’t know who you are or what side you are on but your time will come too. There is no way that millions upon millions of innocent humans have died in horrific circumstances without something grand waiting for them on the other side.

To those that actually want to deny basic human decency should also have to repent. Without measures in place there will be anarchy. Without humanity there will be death. The reality of the US as the whole world watches will bring them to their knees. Who would have thought that after the attack of the Trade Towers on Sept 11 we would be facing a take down on home soil as their enemies laugh. Men lead with their guns trying to have the biggest chests and most kills. They think that is what defines a good life. Women lead with their hearts even when broken. Never trust a woman scorned. She will do anything and everything to seek revenge. Much in the same way she would do anything and everything to attract a mate that see so desires. Woman and their she devil ways will have any decent man eating out of their hands. When it comes to a woman in love though watch out she is capable of anything.

I remember in the 80’s watching a movie based on real events called Small Sacrifices. It was a 3 day viewing. 2 hours each day. Plus it starred Farrah Fawcett. We had to watch.  The storey line was about a woman who claimed her 3 children had been shot by a stranger in the middle of a deserted road. It made no sense why she would have been on that road but she was also shot. Her youngest child died and her oldest couldn’t speak and was left paralyzed. In the 80’s we don’t have the science we do now. It took so long for their to be any sort of justice. Not because they were trying to find a stranger. Because it took that long to gather enough evidence against their mom.

She wanted her 3 children dead so she could keep her lover. He had written her a letter saying that he had no desire to be a father so they needed to be separate. I also think he was seeing somebody else but that’s not the point. She murdered her children to be with a guy who was on the fence with their relationship. Woman can be evil. It is something that has been handed down to us that day in the Garden. Part of our punishment here on Earth. The purpose of our life is to try to keep back to where it all started. Where we had infinite love for all things including our forests and small beings. We wouldn’t look at our wants and needs as the be all to all ends. Things are getting very heated out there for everybody.  You have to have your wits about you and the testicular fortitude to hold true to your thoughts. Don’t be swayed by temptation. Become the great leader that the world needs by properly identifying and nurturing yourself than others. Great women raise great men. At least I hope.


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