The Humility in Being Human

We all have those thoughts oh it will never happen to me. We engage in reckless behaviour because it is always somebody else who finds trouble and not me. We downplay the risks involved because we want to fit in. The mold of others that we try to cram ourselves into will never be in our own best interests. There was a time I used to talk about my life because I used to think that it would either put people at ease or make people sorry for me. In both cases I never found the connection I was looking for. If anything I exposed my vulnerability that allowed others to take advantage of me and push me further down into the dirt.  I wonder why it is we try so hard to get people to like us. Like their approval would actually make a difference in our lives. To beg for attention will only bring about negative results. Sooner or later the ties that bound you to begin with will be the same ties that tear you apart.

Our lives as we have grown accustomed to seem to be passing us by at record speeds. Now that we are homebound we dissect all the parts of our lives trying to justify our existence in some way. It’s crazy to think how dictated we have all become. We aren’t even allowed to know the truth about our surroundings but told to have faith. Have faith in those that have always let us down for what? So they can gain more control? So they can pervert the World in less than human ways. Forcing us to relive these moments that were sheer terror to those involved. We made an environment where it is almost impossible to trust anybody.

I think about how it is we entertain ourselves as life passes us by. We go to dark bars and taverns to drink and dance the night away. Have you ever gone dancing in the day? I mean truly just smiled and let yourself go because it feels good and not because your inhibitions have been lowered.  Some bars don’t even open till the afternoon so it is no wonder we have conditioned ourselves to believe those out and about dancing in the afternoon must be drunk. I remember back in the day counting down the minutes till the bar opened so I could go and dance and have a good time. In fact back then it was the only way to see your crush outside of school. I can’t help but think of how my childhood and youth was spent compared to what is now happening with our children.

So now with the internet livestreaming everybody’s business 24 hours a day it has turned us into these self consuming beasts that will do anything to get their. There is such a wealth of knowledge out there at our fingertips but we much prefer using it for evil then we do for good. There are ghost accounts and people who are just out to scam you. But just like before some of us want to believe the best in everybody and some people just want somebody to hate. They say are moods and are attitude is a reflection for what we are feeling on the inside. What does it mean for all these racists that run around thinking and preaching how only their white skin is worthy to be in this country. I know racism exists but it seems to be more rampant here in North America than anywhere else.

The way the first settlers behaved would tell you they were nomadic at best. They are the ones who brainwashed those that were going to inhabit the land. Maybe it was their long journey at sea. Maybe it was their inbreeding. Truth be told back then if they regarded their bloodline as being high they wouldn’t want to dilute it with the weakness of another. What transpired in a nation that had so much potential was so much violence, bloodshed, pain and just the outmost disrespect for themselves and each other. Different times yada yada but you know what hasn’t changed…our life’s purpose. What makes our hearts beat. Now just try and imagine what it would feel like just to be hated for being you. And not just being you. The image the outside World perceives of you. With no words, compassion or soul your personal net worth is decided based on your physical characteristics. Isn’t that bizarre?

We (and I used this as a general term because my skin is white but me and my family are absolutely not related to any of the first settlers) peer down our noses at a race that is way more physically fit than us, way more compassionate and to be honest they are way more suited for survival than we are. It is so strange to me that you would trust the same person you rape, beat and spit on to care for your children and cook your meals. If that is not the outmost form of disrespect I don’t know what is. You think you would give thanks to your children being raised by somebody else to free up your time to what cross stitch? Without computers, cell phones and technology you think we would have learned how to be nice and to get along. Unless that wasn’t the purpose of inhabiting the America’s anyways.

What if they sent us their most vile criminals. They in essence did didn’t they? To think that any life granted would be born into these conditions. Imagine your Dad was your “owner” and you had to watch your mother be whipped by him. How on Earth can we expect anybody to thrive after emancipation. All that is being confirmed is that humans are assholes. White humans the worst. Before you go and say that I am racist to my own kind I will stop you from wasting your own breath. Racism doesn’t exist against my race. Racism exists because of it. We shouldn’t have an identifier of race for employment. Oh we just want to hire somebody from a minority. For some odd reason I am not considered a minority even though we are clearly lacking in our numbers. Racism stops when we all take a stand. There are those that feel treading on others is their god given right. Those people don’t follow God. God would never deem anybody more superior than another. To trust anybody other than yourself at this point would take a miracle in itself. We have seen the consequences when humanity begins to lose faith. Hopefully we will pull ourselves up by our bootstraps before it is too late.

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