Of Love and Light

Have you heard of Folke Bernadotte? But I bet you have heard of Queen Elizabeth.   Both blue blooded royalty. One gave back to their people with the sole purpose of being kind and doing onto others as you wish were done onto you and the other. Well we already know about the other. Saving herself for the obligatory appearances. Wearing jewels stolen from other families. Imagine all your millions came at the hands of a great deal of suffering. We don’t talk about that because we like to believe that this is tradition. This is how it is always been. If you are still standing with your head amongst the clouds it is time to give your head a shake and allow the fresh air to run through.

We live amongst so many that only care about how they can sustain their charade of living because society has brainwashed us to believe that it is all about quantity and nothing to do with quality. We don’t want to stand out because standing out identifies us as being different. How can these traditions be so rooted in history that we fail to want to make a change. If you had true love in your heart and wanted nothing more to see your people thrive then wouldn’t you want to put into place some sort of measures where we can all thrive. Not these superficial games that tide us over to the next generation. I mean true change that allows us to grow as humans in the way nature has always intended it.

Their is more evil free in our streets then there is good. We worship those that would not care if we are living and dead and allow their poison to infect our being. I have trouble understanding this fight we have about religion. Yes Jesus was a living man who walked amongst us. However there is no different between our intentions and his. Except ours have become so diluted in our own righteous entitlement. Segregation of class exists because we allow it to exist. Why we allow these fast food chains and markets to continuous feeds the beast that prey on us. Sit there and think about how the richest people in the world that have the ability to come together and do something great for the world still sit atop their fortunes. They have more than enough wealth to last their lifetime and next yet they still are ok with watching what is happening to the World.

Imagine having the luxury to sit back and never stress a day. You don’t have to worry about the violence in the streets because their is a gatekeeper being paid to keep people out. They may not be able to keep a roof over their heads but at least your mansion is safe on it’s foundation. Even the Queen and her mass fortune has enough to put an end to starvation or poverty yet the decision is made to hoard it all and do nothing for the people who built you. We pay every single person that has amounted a fortune their salary. It is because of our lave for fast food and cheap goods that allow the rich to get richer. Instead of buying locally and supporting a family we feed these egotistical giant that will be the first to sell our first born when given the chance.

I hate wealth and all that implies. I hate the idea that some live dirt poor and other’s never have to lift a finger. The difference to all is just a pure chance of luck. Our destiny determined inside the womb. Why are some born to suffer and others not? Why wouldn’t the ones who have the ability to make this life enjoyable for all want to do so? Do the only people we notice now a days are those with 7 figures in their bank balance? I just can’t anymore. I keep reading these passages in time hoping to find a more clear path at where we went wrong. Religion is most certainly the big one. We took everything out of context and bent it to suit our names. If Jesus was the man they say why are there so many stories with contradicting facts. A life lived is a life lived we can’t alter the course to suit our needs.

We aren’t happy in the knowledge that the truth is out there somewhere. We want to be the first one to cross the line so we can distort the storey some more. These steel giants and concrete jungle does nothing to add back to the living. To honour all lives means to truly do that. A tree that has been standing has more of a right than another parking lot but here we are destroying everything that is living in it’s path. The animals that die because we rob them of our homes. Or the rotting flesh we eat that has to be murdered right in front of our eyes. There are actual humans that walk amongst us that believe the more pain and suffering the animal encounters while being lead to slaughter with increase the vitality of the meat. Think about that. We want to torture something that is living for our own sick games.

I know as it reads it seems like I don’t believe in religion. It is impossible to believe in something that has allowed all this to take place. There are so many people out there with the I don’t give a shit attitude that makes the world way to scary to acknowledge. I value my time spent amongst animals because it is in the humblest of ways that I begin to learn about life.  All things living need the basics to survive. Food, light, water, air and love. Love makes the world a better place. Everybody is worthy of it even those that have veered so far off.  If you could make the world a better place by committing to love and light would you do it? Reflect onto others what you truly want reflected on yourself. You can’t receive something that you are not. The world doesn’t work that way.


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