To Take Down a Nazi

I am surrounded by perpetual chaos and I seem to run on auto-pilot. For as long as I can remember I had thee basic goals. The evolution of these goals continues as I add on to the ever growing list. My biggest desire is to connect with the outside world in a way that hopefully may just open the eyes of just one. What we are experiencing now is nothing out of the ordinary. It has just been repackaged but read just the same. Destruction seems to be inevitable as the struggle for power rages on. Nobody is ever satisfied. How can we be when there is so much more left uncertain in days that have become so mundane.

We all want to fade into the background until we find just the right time to step inside. We want to be recognized for our achievements in a tell all made for tv drama that the rest of the world forgets to tune into. Find yourself interesting they say. But interesting to who? Depending on who it is we are trying to impress we would go entirely insane. Even in our darkest moments we want to be remembered as being something good even when we have done something terribly bad. I have to admit I don’t know the ins and outs of most of our world’s tragic history. I have been the one in the back seat flipping through glamour magazines because if I look up my heart will break. The way we decide the existence of some should be swept aside. Like ashes turned to dust never to be seen again.

We live in such an incredible time where we have opportunities to learn and grow and experience the lives that have made us who we are today but we don’t. We are still mad in our contentment of destroying other beings like it somehow gives us ultimate power. Those in control, those with infinite wealth and means to assist turn their heads like the world isn’t bleeding.  Millions upon millions were lead to their death for nothing more than who they were born to. Not one of those who lost their lives at the hands of some of the biggest evils to walk the planet ever got to realize their true potential. What was done inside those walls ripped a whole inside of us that can never be repaired. I used to think the way that they portrayed it all had to be somebody’s nightmare. Something fabricated, made up like a surreal time warp. How do millions disappear, tortured to their last breath? Why would any human do this? Unless of course for that period the devil was walking amongst us. Those who kill for sport or to purify the world have no soul. No heart. No mind. But for those who did how do we let them know that although they are gone that their life had some value.

The loss of the great value of life can only be truly appreciated when we realize the error of our ways. Genocide has now reached our mainland’s soil. The disease that began so long ago that begged us to segregate and start wars amongst each other is here. Just like when the fractures began all those years ago that allowed so much murderous intent to go unscathed. More to that when the fall of their country was inevitable they ordered the execution of many more to cover up their grotesque war crimes. Then the cycle continued. Tit for tat. The Russians were accused of the same crimes.

We love blood and gore social media is covered with it. By glorifying murder, torture, kidnapping, starvation you are feeding the evil that started it from the beginning. We continuously fan the flames and feed the minds of the devils walking amongst us. Just in a town close to me here in Canada a well liked and known doctor lost his life by a hammer! Where in our wildest dreams did we allow it o become ok to disregard another’s life? Where is the accountability to such perverse acts against humanity? It is not the inferiority of the race we should be worried about because that just doesn’t exist. It is the erosion of the human mind that get’s off on such horror that we should be most leery.

The concentration camps that the Red Cross got to see depicted a picture of zombie like humans looking for scraps in a disoriented state. Some of the gas chambers killed 180,000 INNOCENT people a month. Doing nothing but breathing air. Their only crime was being born into a certain family. Imagine the last moments. The breaths. The separation from loved ones as you scream and cry to be heard. The kick in the ribs to shut up and the beating that continues on a little to far. Stripped of more than your clothes they take your dignity as the lice over takes you and you have no food to eat.  These are your last moments because somebody deemed you unworthy. Imagine all the children as they sat around the radio and heard Hitler’s voice for the first time booming out to kill all Jewish German’s. He perverted human life and conducting these awful experiments. Well not him but he got others to carry out his sick twisted orders. He wasn’t even man enough to face the charges made against him. He got the luxury of taking his own life.

There are some who like Hitler and there are those who despise him. Unless you are willing to put your life on the line to protect another than you are just as bad as him. You feed his fire with your hate. You become the fuel. The only true way to fight against evil is to engage in the behaviours that he in fact hated. Love all those who appear different than you. If they seem to be weak or maybe have lost their way hold out your hand. Love unconditionally to all the good that is out in the world. Right now he is still winning. As long as there is still hate and as long as there is segregation than Hitler is still winning. Either he was the greatest evil or he is our saviour you can’t have it both. Love all or hate all take part or become the divide.

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