Three Sides (the formula for complete annihilation)

Is there anybody there? Can you hear me? Is there anything that can be heard amongst the rage of violence and hate? There are three types of people in the World. The ones for white supremacy, the ones for black equality and those that prefer to stay neutral. The problem with neutral though is you try to tango amongst the two when the shoe fits you wear it for the rest of the world to see. When you get out of step you slink away into the night forever lost in oblivion. Nobody cares to much for the one playing sides. You aren’t a friend or an enemy. You are an equal opportunist that once called out will never be able to blend in again.

There is so much miscommunication on all sides with everybody so quick to point fingers. Where we need to start pointing the fingers at is ourselves. You have to be able to stand tall amongst many with your roots keeping you stable on the ground. You can allow your mind to bask in the thoughts and ideologies of others but you can’t wave too far on either side. There is always a center. The heart of it all. Draw yourself into yours. Ask yourself what makes it to be that you hate anybody based on their looks? Draw yourself deeper. How would you feel if I told you your nose was ugly. To big for your face. In fact your nose is so big that I can’t see past anything else. I don’t want to be your friend because of that nose. Is it even real? Can I touch it? Whoahhhh I never thought it would feel like that. Do you have to wash it separate from the rest of your face because it is so big? I bet you it gets in the way of so many things because it is so obscene. Ya I could never be friends with somebody with a nose like that. It’s all I see now.

So now because of that one feature you feel isolated maybe even attacked worst case scenario you feel ashamed. You feel shame for the nose god gave you when you were born to your parents. You hold your head a little differently trying to make the glare less obvious. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself cause all you want is just a chance to be. Now because I am somebody whose ego is bigger than my mind I go and tell everybody how I feel about your grotesque feature. I tell them the pro’s and con’s and get others to take my stance on you as well. Now in addition to the tears on your pillow you really truly start to spin on the decline. Nobody seems to care about your struggle and how by chance you were born this way. It doesn’t matter how many times your parents tell you your nose is beautiful and how one day you will get the opportunity to change the world because you have made your value to be all about that one thing. Your destiny predetermined by the poison unleashed by others.

When we try to make it about race we glorify Hitler and his beliefs. He slaughtered innocent people because of their looks and their beliefs. Millions were led to the gas chamber, many who were left alone separated from their family. This is who we become when we say that a 17 year old kid was justified in murdering 2 people. Each and every one of us had our finger on that trigger before those shots actually rang out. We have this underlying desire to kill off anybody who is different than us. Anybody who dares to live in their own true authenticity we feel threatened. Pull yourself in again. Why are you bothered by somebody else trying to live their best life? If you are trying to live in your best image do you have time to look for reasons why? Don’t get things confused with what I am trying to say. I am not pointing my fingers at the looting and violence. I am pointing my fingers at you. Do you see the anarchy that can come onto our streets if we allow anybody to murder just because. There is a reason why we have courts. There is a reason why there is justice. Once we are born we are all entitled to live free. But for so many in the world they are never blessed with that chance.

I can’t help but think of he American anthem. “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?” It characterizes the USA as a place intended for free (I suppose that means individual and free from tyranny) people and for people who are courageous enough to fight for that freedom. What is so brave about shooting somebody before you even know their story. A shot in the dark will tell you that most people have a record. My husband has a record so does he deserve to die leaving my son fatherless? Oh wait because I am white my family gets a “trump” card where we can be as homicidal as we want because we are brave and we are free. I can’t help but wonder though the true mentality of the democratic thinking. You lost your rights to keep slaves (that you beat, raped and tortured by the way. Oh and sold off their and your kids to the next highest bidder). What is the real reason that you are determined to keep segregation as a national pastime time? With the threat of no sports this is the next best thing? Touching on sports do you think your moral debts are wiped clean because you are paying your athletes an obscene amount of money, which was made more than likely from the Black slaves your ancestors kept? Do you think that with true freedom that you lose all control? That you no longer have the chance to suppress this race like you intended to when the boats arrived on the shores and stole them from their land. You released them to the streets with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and their paper of freedom on their hands and wondered why they are still living in ghettos all over the US. Well played white bigots. Well played. It was never about freedom it was always about control. Set somebody up for failure and they will fail. For those that have found success they truly worked hard. Imagine every step of your life feeling like you were moving backwards as you learned that life would be different for you because of your skin. As a child all we see is the soul beyond the eyes. It takes our parents to make it all about race. Hate and race is definitely a taught and inherited thing. It is rare to think that you wake up one day and say hey I am all about hating these people today. No it was a slow subliminal passage that threatens to destroy us all. I am in no way telling you to go out and become friends with everybody. I am asking you to be friends with yourself. If you loved yourself first you wouldn’t be able to hate on anybody. I think that is what is scaring me the most. Our culture is one of fear, violence and hate. This is not a recipe for survival. This is the formula for complete annihilation. We are so scared about another countries nuclear retaliation when we should really be worried about the A-bomb going off inside of us all.

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