Divinely Intertwined

Do you believe in divine intervention? Seriously what are your expectations for your life? Both in this and in the next? There is so much, “he was this way” and “he did this stuff” and “this makes him good” and “this is why he is bad” but there is no mention of who the hell is behind the pointing fingers anyways. There is no saint on Earth that can point that finger of shame because inside of each of you is something you need to be ashamed for. It can be something so minor or maybe it would shatter the misconceptions of so many around you. There is no bigger coward that the man casting stones who can’t even be bothered to catch the ones that he has coming to him. I have never seen a greater divide in humanity than the one the States is so willing to display for the World. Never has there been a greater opportunity to see what money, greed and over inflated ego’s has done to a society then the one unfolding in front of our eyes right now.

A fight arose online this morning over me holding a woman to higher standards then the archaic words of the men in that chat room. She had posted a picture of a handicap sign saying that America was putting out more spaces for Black parking has a good faith gesture to Jacob Blake. I asked her who she thought she was and if she even lived in that country. No comment from the woman but immediately I was criticized for being Canadian and not believing in equality when I told him that I expected her to act better. She had the capability to be a mother and a grandmother to raise our next generation and this is how she speaks. He told me I was wrong and tried to insult me by saying it should be 50/50. Well mercy me for supporting my husband as he works full time and I take care of the household. It was mutually agreed upon and I take my role seriously as being able to raise our child. To me there is no greater responsibility or task set out in front of me. This was my American Dream. I have a Finance Degree and I did work as a financial planner but I am a big believer in doing what I love and this is what I love. My home, my family and the life that breathes within these walls. With that I have a deep rooted love for my family that tells me that I would never speak ill of another women’s child.

Now I am a full on spectator personally removed from all that is going on. In an instant it all made sense. These people who see absolutely no value in human life. That will distort the facts till it fits their idealistic picture of events that never happened. You can’t win against humanity who has clearly lost there minds. Resorting to Hitler style thinking how can you trust anything that is coming out of their mouths. That is why it is SO important not to accept the small little hiccups. People who believe another race is inferior and doesn’t deserve the same opportunities can not be trusted. Why and how can you trust a mentality that believes they have a write to carry openly and murder if they feel uncomfortable. What happened in your life to believe that everybody out there is out to get you? Who hurt you and made you fear the compassion in your fellow man. Not everybody wants to hurt you. So if the mindset of man has completely deteriorated to the point where they can justify any evil why do we keep wasting on energy on those that really don’t deserve the compassion anyways?

We can’t keep fighting against an entity that has no heart. People like this will never change. Like a disgruntled ex boyfriend they will keep doing the opposite trying to get under your skin. Yes we wish for equality and a safer world and we can do that by loving each other. To unite together and fill our hearts and souls in the warmth of true love is the greatest gift we can give each other. We can inhabit our communities and infect them with the life that we want to live. If the style we are asking for is something that they aren’t ready to understand we still have to move forward. What is the sense of burning building when they can collect insurance and rebuild them anyways. Stop the violence and go after where it hurts. What are those most upset about in the light of recent events. Sports. Why not take to the streets and return to playing he games you love but maybe this time you can collect a small amount and give it to the neighborhoods in need. Entertain those that truly love you and appreciate your lives. When you are playing sports and that is your livelihood and the community that pays you demands you to return…only those that play the game truly have the power.

These are all just random thoughts that come to me at any given time. I am desperate to see a World of change and there has never been more of a reaffirmation then these events that have unfolded right in front of our eyes. The media is also washed and it is hard to determine fact from fiction. All you can truly know is what you feel in your heart when you are interacting with others. Good people make you feel good and bad people just crawl inside your skin. There is no reason why you need to play into their games and allow them to infect you with their poison. There is a value to being kind even in the darkest of scenarios. I would die happy knowing that I at least tried in making my world a better place.

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