“The World’s Too Big, Mom”

Sitting there with my sweet son watching the Man of Steel hearing these words resonated through me. It touched a place in my heart that was still raw. Somehow though looking over and watching him I thought about what would have happened to all of us if we did keep our world small. Not naïve and foolish to the pains that come with life. I mean the rush I felt when it came to leaving my home town and how I never found the time to go back. The most important people in the world to me became so distant to the point where we no longer behave like family because something else always seemed to be in the way. First it was the financial strain of being on my own. Now it is more just finding the time in the rush that life throws your way. Time is not guaranteed. There is a risk that comes with every decision we make. There comes a time when not only do we lose to the concept of time we also lose whether or not we get to make a choice.

The most important world to a child is what he sees at home. I wouldn’t want it any other way than the way we have it right now. Of course I would love to make the seasonal trip back home. That is where my roots are. That is where I will always feel safe and where my life blocks were formed. I can’t help but think of a slower point in time when smelling the mountain air was right in my back yard. My trips down to the river do what they can to remind me of the time but the reality of my heart longs to go back. He needs to know all of his roots to feel the greatest sense of self. To limit his knowledge of what makes him who he is would be a failure in itself.

The building blocks of a child’s brain are delicate. We hold the future of our children in our hands with ever decision that we make. There is a reason why I flip back and forth to my childhood and what my son is participating in. We didn’t watch tv much then. There was only one channel. We were lucky to have lots of cousins and siblings to keep us entertained. We could run around in fields and swing from the rafters of the barns. Every spring their would be new calves and kittens and in the early years my Grandparents were always one to invite us in and feed us homemade treats. Life does go too fast and the world is so big. I wonder what it is we were looking for. Everything we ever need is at our fingertips but still we want more. We collect toys and wealth like we get to take it with us when we go. We fight amongst each other with the whole world staring. There is no more time for family as friends are the only ones we see. With parents forced to work there leaves little time for bonding. Growing up in a small town where everything closes early is more of a blessing then we think.

There is so much happening in the world that truly doesn’t make sense. If we had a sense of pride in who we are or wanted to be remembered for maybe it would change the way we would behave. There are extremes in every situation. We begin to lose our common sense when we lose our level heads. You can’t have it in only the ways that make the most sense for you. You can see the ooze of putrid hate coming from our friends and neighbours. If only the world wasn’t so big with it all the areas are senses get hit with the world wide web. There is always someone watching you, judging you, hating you just because. It is so important more than ever to be a good role model for our children. We also have to ensure that our social circles also exhibit those core values that are so important to us. I want my son to live a life full of virtue. I need to know that when we are not around that he will exercise good judgement because I have taught him how to be a good human and to love unconditionally. We always have to take that leap of faith just like Super Man. You never know just how far you can go or how much of a difference you can make if you don’t put yourself out there.

The Man of Steel is such a great movie to talk about values and the importance of having such a strong center core. After he saved those children from the school bus and his Dad told him to never show the rest of the world his secrets he never did. He loved his Dad and trusted his Dad’s opinion that he watched his Dad die in order to uphold his honour. It wasn’t until all of mankind was being threatened that his own moral code came into play. I think that is what is missing in today’s generation of anguish. There were those so drunk on power and money that they began to make sure there was no way for any of us to succeed. They would feed us with so much bullshit and lies about each other that we just ate it up. We stopped supporting local and farmer’s markets in order to consume fast or quick food in obscene quantities that made the rich rich and kept us poor. There was no point to any of our decisions after that. The world is too big and life is too quick and it seems at least for some we get little to no joy anymòre.

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