Determination or Destiny

Everybody has somebody in their life that they think about from time time that gives them strength and the will and determination required to overcome any obstacle that may be in their way. There can even be several people who keep you on the righteous path instead of falling victim to those that truly have…

Closer to the Truth

I was becoming social media obsessed. In some ways I think we all are.  We tie ourselves to our cell phones like something incredible might happen that we need to know immediately. Imagine all those lives before us that never knew the instant connectivity like we do today. Think of the Titanic sinking. How long…

Light and Love

They say that inside of our Grandmother’s was the very thought of us. Well not thought of us were us. If that were true then the premise of we only exist as long as we exist in somebody else’s mind would almost fit the timeline as well? Right? My mind still asks the question of…

Perfecting the Grime

At least I know that when I do your friendship will stay by the wayside because who needs friends like that anyways. Sympathize with me when you need it but kick me to the curb when I don’t fit into your idealistic mold.

Reach for the Stars

I talk about life, my life and even though there are some ups and downs this has been by far out some surreal moments or passageways revealed to me. Plus Miss Galaxy is crowned tonight!!! Did you know this was my 9th pageant? Tune in on facebook tonight….

Great Risk

Somebody who is authentic has nothing to hide. No shame. No lies, No games or time for extracurricular activities. In a world full of cheap knock off’s you can see how having an authentic heart would be something incredibly rare.

Lemon of The Day

The moral of the story is to still believe in yourself like nobody else is going to because nobody else is. I can not explain to you what I great honor it was to be crowned the first EVER Miss Lemon of the Day. I love this title so much because it represents positivity and hope and it shows that my community believes in me and sees me that way to be recognized as their top squeeze xx

Just a Housewife

It has to be me. I must be manic. My preconceived ideal of how marriage exists doesn’t exist at all. It was never even real to begin with. Growing up I remember my mom doing more traditional women roles and my dad was just ol hard working man. On weekends he would be doing your…

Believe in You

The thing about age is we are always in such a rush to get there then once we are we spend the rest of our lives trying to get back. I still remember the first few winters here in Calgary and that feeling of just utter rejection and dejection. When I first got here I…

Like Mind Like You

I guess in essence this is how most of us feel, isn’t it. My husband is always asleep and never notices me. Unless of course I am spending money then nothing gets him picking up the phone faster. My son is screaming in that language that I should understand but it is the last word…