The Pretty Girls Club

There it is. A discriminating title that has all those on the outside fearing they will never fit in. I remember when this acronym was tossed my way and all I could think was bloody hell. I thought it to myself of course because anybody who refers to themselves as  pretty is already one screw to loose if you ask me. Looks, appearance, size and shapes should never be an identifier for others to determine another’s worth. It makes it easier though for me to decide if I actually care to entertain any sort of further conversation with those likes. To want to classify anybody any sort of way speaks volumes on their character, a character I do not need to indulge in.

There is a reason I distance myself from certain people. I don’t need the sea to part or to watch mountains crumble. Life in all it’s complicated simplicity is best enjoyed when you can appreciate your surroundings instead of wondering when the sky was going to fall. You have to believe in your gut in these circumstances but more than that you can trust that they will itch to reveal themselves. No good woman would dish vulgar rumours about another. Nor would a good woman watch her fellow sister make off with a good for nothing son of a bitch. When a woman can sit there and tell you these stories of horror that pertain to her ex then sit there and whisper these awful insults about his new girlfriend when she clearly needs some well guided advice and a shoulder to lean on….well I roll my eyes and wonder what it is you say about me. If you could so foolishly let the wool be pulled over your eyes then when given the opportunity to save another woman from the same nightmare you banished her to hell. I call for shame.

Gossip is unnecessary and it’s intent is to hurt. Carrying on with such a distinguishing title only glorifies the one aspect you think you excel at. There is no heart to your statement or serenity in your heart. You want to banish other woman to frolic in your own weighted insecurities. Make them feel like they will never be good enough but be banished in your shadows. When they dare to peek around your shadow you stop them once again.  This pretty girl group that they like to be called is just another reason we can believe in our own failure again. We will never be happy without labels. We need to be able to see the glaring differences between each and every one of us. It is not ok to simply be put into a mold and continuously breathed on a certain away. The clamped jaw and forced smile is enough for me to know how hard this is on you. The title of self righteous is bestowed upon you unknowingly. The world can see how entitled you want us all to believe that you are. It’s ok that after all the paint gets washed down the drain that you are still the same little girl you have always been but this time a little more defeated but less raw.

I just want to live in a world where titles weren’t thrown around so fluidly. Where if we wanted to just take a second to just breathe we would be allowed to do so without judgement or fear. I know for certain I am no better than most. I have the same 24 hours beating down on me from the minute my eyes open and my heart says go. Opportunities come my way like blessings, people too. Some people though are like godsends you never knew how life could possibly exist without them now. Other’s you just keep thinking about and shaking your head too embarrassed to admit to yourself and others that you even gave them the time a day. I will always remain to be haunted by a few that wormed their way and over stayed their welcome. Lucky for me a picture never lies and it was like a thousand slaps on a thousand faces with a thousand eyes that gave me the proof that I always needed.  Always questions those that don’t believe in you and your dreams and will do anything to watch you fall. I mean they will literally show up without warning even before you know that there is trouble brewing after all.

If I were you if I ever heard anybody refer to themselves in this way run for the high hills. A real woman, a true woman knows that this club is open for any and all that are willing. Open to those that are ready to stand tall and take pride in who they are no matter who is looking. That your body is a temple because it is your temple and you have the right to demand for it to be treated as such (or maybe not so much). We have been brain washed for far too long that these titles should even matter to begin with. True beauty real beauty is a reflection for all to see. It is in the crooked smile of somebody just born or somebody else at the end of their life. It is the way the sun dances on her cheeks or maybe the way the shade falls and hides her eyes. Anybody, any moment can be beautiful. It is up for those in it’s presence to interpret it’s beauty and decipher it’s code. I never wanted to belong to such an entitled imaginary club anyways. Where I hope to go is all inclusive and would never judge on that. 

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