In Defense of Our Children

So many of you are quick to pass blame or pity on how it is that I can sit here in a marriage that isn’t ideal. For starters for better or worse, and sickness and in health. He had my back at a time when nobody did. So as a wife I also need to have is. Not to mention though that the World has shown its true colours time and time again and the only thing I value now is the family and what we can build from within.

So much tends to be forgotten in our quest for just making ends meet. Our government doesn’t have the best of intentions. Not for us, maybe for them anyways. I always saw us middle class as being hunted and it feels like that almost all the time, no matter where or the season begins and ends. There are so many hot topics these days so many things to avoid. We even have tossed our common sense because we have allowed our own mind to be polluted with facts. There is this demon though that always floats above the rest and that is the sick twisted intentions of a pedophile. Some things should remain untouched. Some things should always remain forbidden. I am someone that lost her virginity at a young age. I was 13 at the time. I had no idea even how I knew what to do. I guess for me it was just this course of natural selection that let instinct take over. He was 16. So older. But not these gross old men that seem to think that this is there god given right. To ruin an experience that sets the tone for their own existence. The magic of things to come. When I think of a pervert touching my son the only thing that rages through me is to protect our children.

How can we protect our children when there are these men who prey on our beautiful babies. We live in a time where we can’t leave our babies alone. There is no point for the separation when the age doesn’t make sense. Call me a bubble mom. Call me what you will but you best be damn sure I am going to empower my son with the tools to understand the difference between something full of love and not some sicko’s sick twisted dream. We are told to shelter our children to not let them grow up too fast. Society ruined that opportunity for them long before they were even a thought to be conceived. I see the memes and I hear the single folk say what a terrible time to have children. To them I say there is no better time. Imagine having the opportunity to raise something with so much potential to know right from wrong. To instill them the beliefs that your love is unconditional. Give them the power and freedom to make their own choices and let them know that at the end of the day they always have you. I have been compliment on the way me and my son communicate. It is vitally important that he knows that he has me every step of the way. Not as a suffocating step but as a way in knowing he always has me.

My son is going to know that there is bad people out there that do bad things. He has to. His survival depends on it. There has to be somebody able to stop the fall of mankind. We are at the gates banging to be let in and sooner or later those gates are going to open and we are all about to get sucked on through. With that thought in mind that the end may be near what is stopping you from living your absolute best life. Haters be gone. Dare to live that life you never thought possible. Have all the fantasies and dare to live those dreams. If you only have this one shot what is stopping you? Why do you keep wasting time? There is not a chance on this Earth that I wasn’t born to be this child’s protector and I am going to do everything that I can to ensure that he lives the dream. That includes him losing his virginity when he is in love to a boy or girl of his choosing. I don’t want his mind to become so tainted and perverted that he doesn’t see the value and connection of intimacy. That is what is truly missing these days. We don’t value those intimate experiences as a chance of bonding with one individual. So many of us are tortured with our first experiences of being with someone twisted who abused their position of power to add one more notch to their bed post. That is where we are at as a society. Perverted with our best of intentions, humiliated by our own failures.

We lose control when we allow others to control us. These individuals who abuse their position of power to become our children’s only chance of salvation. We all have seen the sick twisted photos of these degenerates haunting our dreams of what they could have been. We can’t deny the hard facts that so many children go missing. For some will spend the rest of their existence trying to find the answers of the part of their heart that has gone missing. How have we allowed our children to become victims. Their crime is life altering. They kill their innocence for something so putrid. Never to be held accountable for their crimes that they commit. There is no way I could ever turn an eye on this type of individual. We really did a number on humanity didn’t we? The US has a president laughing at our veterans. It was a different time then. We can’t laugh at their existence and the sacrifices that they gave. We have to be humble in laying down our own self righteous entitlement and do what is best for mankind. Hate and division and perversion of the human mental state is not it either. I long for the days when all we had to worry about was our children losing their virginity on prom night as a right as passage into the next chapter. If there is a god I hope he hears our cries. I hope he answers our prayers to save our children because there is no way in my mind and there is no way safe for our children to be able t live as children, carefree forever young at heart.

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