Closer to the Truth

I was becoming social media obsessed. In some ways I think we all are.  We tie ourselves to our cell phones like something incredible might happen that we need to know immediately. Imagine all those lives before us that never knew the instant connectivity like we do today. Think of the Titanic sinking. How long before it was known to the World of the casualties lost at sea that day. Imagine how many people would have been immediately depressed knowing that their loves ones were lost at sea. Of course a tragedy will always be alter the lives of those affected even in someway those lives that they never knew. Loss of lives in any proportions alters the balance of the world. It has to. Where once matter was filled with life it has now been returned to it’s original state in which it once ways. Even at home I find myself connected to my cell phone like there will be some sort of life saving information being emitted from it. What I have become to notice is the more I tie myself to my phone and all the applications that we have been told will make our lives easier I find the reverse to be true.
The meaning of life escapes us all. We think that it is all about getting an education, following your dreams, living your passion but we have been lead astray in the meaning for a very long time. The idea behind that wealth and power is what is needed in order to feel happy and fulfilled tells me that what lays await in the next chapter of life will be something that makes us incredibly unhappy…maybe. All I can think about is what started it all. There was a time when no of us existed.  I don’t mean this period of time that we all find ourselves in I mean from the very beginning when man took their first breath and made the decision that what made a man truly honourable was to conquer the world and everything in it’s path.  Isn’t that is what is happening here right now in this time that we are living.  Somehow we evolved to inherit this self righteous form of entitlement that doesn’t extend past our own line of sight.  Try and imagine how it used to be before the rat race began. Who came up with the idea anyways that all we do is work to pay taxes and then to die. Rich getting richer and the rest of us return to dust. I like to think about the good ol’ days and if they were really good.  Of course things have evolved but did science evolve or did we allow ourselves to be succumbed to an evil far greater than we could have ever imagined.

I guess it makes sense that we would become obsessed with becoming mediocre, lazy and common. Common in the sense that we need to be liked by everybody afraid to stand out for it paints a target on your back that would allow others to see your individuality. Mob mentality likes to over run the weak like it will get stronger in power with the more lives it destroys. Think about the underground groups you here about that literally do just that. Wealth has always brought more power and power allows you to bend and contort the outcome so you can obtain the desired effect. Littered throughout history are those that aren’t afraid to stand out and do what is right and try to lead us in the right direction. It doesn’t make sense that people who are violent and over exert their power  onto others would be released of a life into eternal bliss. One has to believe that their has to be consequences along the way. There has to be a point. Life has to have meaning. There is no way that we go through all this to have it all mean nothing, would we? I like to think that we are given this opportunity to do something incredible in the time that we have no matter how fleeting that time is. From the minute we take our first breath our clicks start to click asking the question, I wonder if it is somewhere written in my DNA just how long that I will have. Traces of me connect me to my ancestors of the past but it also connects me to those in the future as well. I wonder if in time and if the world still exists that I could find myself reading something I wrote. Would I recognize my past life or would I just skim over it like you are doing now?

I like to think we all have a purpose and right now my purpose is to be the best mother that I can be. I used to think that I had to read a certain amount of books in order to become a good mother. Somewhere along the way I learned that all you have to do to be successful is to get into tune with yourself and the ability to communicate without using words. Of course words come into play the more time that passes but when we were just starting our journey together it was enough just to rock him in my arms and feed him and keep him clean.  Learning to communicate in a loving, positive way without using words has enhanced my life in so many incredible ways. I have a deeper understanding for the lives and world around me which I think could hold the key to life that we all so desperately seek. Family has to be pretty close to the answer. Everybody always think about those they love just before they depart. That maybe my biggest fear of all. Leaving my loved ones and not entirely knowing if there is even another side to go to. I have to have hope and I have to have faith that living a life full of doing the right things will bring me closer to the truth after all.


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