Let’s Turn to Recognition

To often we find ourselves moving towards a culture that celebrates nobody. I remember as a child we used to have competitive events almost once a month. At the start of every year ALL students were given an animal (there were only 4) and a colour. Ideally it served as a way for children of all ages to come together and hopefully mentor the others. Some months were spent in the gym and others were spent outdoors weather permitting. There was a wide range of events for children of all ages and abilities and the hopes were that we could all come together to earn that coveted Friday off from school. For some us us it was an opportunity to crush hard on those we liked and to sneak off for a few cigarettes, mentor permitted.

How does one go and perfect who they are without these moments of comradery. Where does one go to fine tune their idiosyncrasies without a legend to show them the way. How does one achieve legendary status in the field of their dreams? What does that look like for us? For them? Ask any of us vintage enthusiasts if we have role models or icons and we can tick them off in spades. What I love about that timeline is how glamorous and lady like all these women of Hollywood appeared. Imagine what it would have been like to see Liz Taylor out in her element in the streets of Vienna or the timeless beauty of Miss Monroe and her childlike eyes looking upon the World. It is rare to see many idol’s of today’s time hold so much promise and allure. One can only demise that the holes of yesteryear became into divides in the incestuous way we believe that fame only comes with a cost. That fame should be the residual outcome of us all. We are all worthy of it, entitled to it? aren’t we? Are we? Those that used their natural talent to entertain us came to us for a reason didn’t they? Their purpose to us was to inspire us in ways to find our own natural being or own natural bright light. What we heard instead was this distorted jargon that could only be said to have been communicated to us under water. We forget the underlying messages threaded to us over time. We don’t want to believe in the surreal the unnatural even though it is staring at us in the face. Threatening to rip our front doors off the hinges exposing us to the worst kind of fraud over all. The lies that have been handed down over generations to keep all of us opposed., opposed to each other, threatened by them. We have become weak in our own purpose but entertained to say the least.

We never question anymore those who come to us without a clear purpose. So many of us our broken in our own ways that we need to believe that what they are saying is heaven sent. Remember the only thing that gets sent down comes out of our womb everything else undirected is meant to seek and destroy. As much as our lives are intertwined with our families they were never meant to be so finite and final. No matter how much it hurts my heart to say I can see how us living in these houses have created a communal compound. In fact let’s review a tad shall we. For as long as we can remember until the time of white man, communities all lived together and families usually under one roof. As a mother of a beautiful boy it pains me to say this next but there needs to be a rite of passage for the boy. A transition from boy to man. For women it is easy we celebrate our womanhood with the discovery of our menses. For men, no such rite of passage exists. No siting of blood, no physical changes. Just vivid dreams and hard sheets. Nothing to really brag about. Boys always left with the elders of their communities for hunting expeditions that would feed their whole families. They would leave as boys and come back as men where their muscles would harden and life long bonds would be formed. No money was exchanged but what was obtained was this limitless wealth of knowledge that would forever transform this being. Filled with purpose and passion and a hardness that a mother could never provide they come back unrecognizable to their mother but incredibly attractive to the opposite sex. With no hard work or purpose anymore what we have created are these mounds of unmotivated flesh with no more promised purpose or shape. They become mean with no directions of their hormones. They engage in activities that horrify their ancestors and threaten to end peace in the world as we know it.

Who can we trust in a world full of deviants betrayers content on spewing their lies and intentional hate. They direct these lashes of anger on those who needed it most and to those I actually feel hate. Inside of each and every one of us lies a human being that is open to subjection every once in awhile through their journey. We aren’t human we are all capable of mistakes. Some more severe but all have been made just the same. In this growing community where most of us can hide behind our computer screens and never meet face to face I urge you to not be scared to ask the questions of those that you look up to and aspire to be. You don’t have to take things at face value or just as they appear. It is ok to take a step back and say I wonder where they came from? What’s their story? My commitment to this community has been to create and provide a positive safe place. There are those in the industry I know to stay away from and there are those that make me raise my eyebrows and say eh? I have humbly laid my story down for all to purview. But not for recognition or sympathy but kind of a this is who I am. This is my story. I have been there take my hand let’s get through this together. We live in an on-line world where anybody can pretend to be somebody and we need to be careful of that. The on-line world is notorious for destroying young minds and poisoning each other. If somebody is going to be profiting off us then their story should be reading like a resume. We should know who they are at least in the Pin-Up Community.

In order to promote a safe, healthy environment for all of our young minded individuals I propose this. Our bio’s should read like a Pin-Up style resume. We can have a mission statement a purpose, our titles, even all our volunteer events etc. We need a way to define those who want to be leaders and role models and I feel in the on-line world growing as fast as it is this step is important. Being active in your community and receiving recognition is a huge win both for each other and the ladies who win. I will be up-dating my Up-Coming Events Section to Read as my Pin-Up resume. I hope many of you chose to do this as well to promote our community in the healthiest possible way.

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