Born to Lead

What does it mean to be a born leader especially during this growing age. Do you lead by example or do you hardly even stand on your own two legs. I see so many around me that are just content on trying to blow out another’s candle from clear across the room. The sad reality is we aren’t even in the same cities anymore yet here you are staring back at me while I sip on my morning coffee. Times have changed. We have changed and if we don’t decide to get our butts into action we are going to miss this ride all together.

I love the opinion’s of those that are content in wallowing in their own demise. Yes my misery comes and goes like the tide threatening my shores but for the most part I am in control. I have come prepared for all tides knowing that the same tide that led me astray will have no choice but to come back for me as long as I am patient and don’t do anything too foolish.  What is foolish anyways? The only thing that couldn’t be more foolish is the way that we hold onto loyalty like it was meant to come back to us. There are just some people that were born trying to take away the light of other’s. They are so badly damaged that they need to come with their own warning. These people are so incredibly hard to deal with and they are anything but the sugary sweet exterior that they pretend to be. Always remember if something is too good to be true…it is. If somebody suddenly appears in your life and starts singing your praises be for warned. There is no such thing as a free lunch and the only reason why there is an offer out on the table right now is because you have something in your presence that they want.

Jealousy is that monster that comes out and convinces us that our girlfriends are out to get us by simply liking the same guy that we liked. What makes this scenario even more impossible is that you forget to acknowledge that you may have told your bestie that fact and not too mention he was everybody’s crush back then. It is hard to believe how many time’s guys came in between me and my friends. Truth be told I didn’t have many but when we did the guys just seemed to follow. As in the patter of my life I was never meant for winning. Runner up maybe but the ultimate prize. Anytime I tried to celebrate my victory of landing the guy it was immediately followed with a friend who was pissed at me for not knowing that was her crush. Dating to me became kind of like the perfect hunt. Always going out to see what we could catch in the hopes we would have the best looking “meat” to be displayed. At least hat is my perception of my dating life back then. I was shy but not shy enough to completely lower my inhibitions. I like looking at pretty things too.

I maybe a little obsessed with the idea of a positive role model but when I look around there doesn’t seem to be too many eager shoes waiting to be filled. We are on the cusp of a reality change that some of us are desperate to fight. Truth be told what we are used to will soon be just another coming of age story that will pass us by. We can’t hold onto these dreams that what we remember will soon come back to us. Those days are fleeing us faster than the climates are changing. We all know the weather is following some unusual patters but until we invest more time in the seasonal changes what possibility would we have at discovering a trend. The same can be said for what is happening in our communities. There is no denying that the safest presence is our own on-line presence which is almost terrifying when we think about it. We went from beware of the skilled catfish to embrace the pod of many and see who floats to the top and who survives. Even Charles Darwin taught us hundreds of years ago how important it is to evolve. It is time to adapt to our surroundings and tell the Universe that we are reading to make the necessary changes to ensure that we all come out of the other side brighter and alive.

We are careening towards a culture that has zero experience and worse now compassion. How is it that we show no remorse for what we have done to such a beautiful world in such a short time. We have civilization that have spent their whole lives, their whole existence building to the skies. In fact they believed in this so much that the hard word spanned over many generations until it was eventually deemed as complete. These events happened all over the world and spanned over many options in a period of time where technology was not advanced as it was now. Back then what they took from the Earth was minimal but still humans were rejected for not living harmonious with Earth. Fast forward a few thousand years and not only have we harmed each other but we have perverted the way we keep her other inhabitants by engaging torturous acts citing it is necessary for our own survival. How many thousands of trees, plants, animals and microscopic life went up into flames so a human could celebrate the gender of their child. Before that smoke was even seen there glasses were covered preventing them from seeing the true picture that resonates to our core. Every day is an opportunity to live in accordance to your goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day nor did Paris come alive in just one night. This is an awakening opportunity for us all to finally take the time to see what is needed to live a life time out of the shadows or to stay forever in the dark till the hands of time ring out.

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