Stay Tuned (The Best is Yet to Come)

Coming of age in an on-line era is not for everybody but is something we all most do. Where once we had social gatherings to comfort us like blankets we now have had to leave our dependency in the sow seeds behind glassed doors. My Dad always used to say don’t put your eggs all in one basket spread them around. In my mind it made sense to have a fuller basket made of these pretty eggs that I had made then to full them with just every Tom, Dick and Harry.  I am loyal to those who are loyal to me and so far there have not been many. It’s not that I hold a grudge against anybody I just know that I was less than favorable in some years in my youth so I don’t blame anybody if they are leery of my intentions. It is up to me to prove them wrong and for me that is the incredible easy part.

I like to think that I was going to be making a name for myself this upcoming Pin-Up season. I had travel to the States and to the East Coast and had planned to add a few new locations along the way. I love to meet girls and to embrace our communities. My goal has always been to try and unite the gaps that I saw growing amongst us. There is no denying though I have met some incredible ladies along the way. That any fear that I ever had of stepping out of my comfort zone I was rewarded with those experiences that make your soul shudder. The reminder that we all need that let’s us know that we are on the right path. A nudge in the right direction followed with the shiver up the spin. We need to have an appreciation for the lives that have flashed liked an instant before us. I am reading a book about Women’s Rights, in fact the book is about Anna who goes and teaches the King’s wives and kids. I don’t want to speak to much as I have barely got into the but what an incredible life to have been presented to them.

We take for granted that we aren’t presented with choice. Ladies sacrificed their happiness in order to ensure the promise of our existence. They would marry bad man just to have food on their table and to make sure their children got an education. They were the ones who marched in the streets and demanded equality and the rights for us to learn  and vote and all that sweet stuff that we don’t even bat an eye at. So many rights and freedoms we laugh at when so many other it became their whole life. What about having mercy and forgiveness and maybe giving some thanks instead of the the greed filled existence that lays before us. I for one am thankful for this nudge that is occurring in my life giving me the opportunity to  make up for the wrongs that I have lived for and now have made them into a learning experience and in some cases a teaching tool. I am reading to take one more step forward and to see if I am going to fall. Even if I found myself plummeting down to Earth at the speed of light making a crater in the realm of eternity I still can not be swayed from my belief that I am on the right track.

The eggs do need to go into one basket it is essential that they do. You need to be in possession of all those little quirks in your possession that make you so very unique and special and so very much you. We should never to expect to look somebody dead in the eye. The windows to the soul are not meant to be travelled by one. If they chose to invite you and let you in it can be the most pleasurable experience you have ever imagined.  Sneaking a quick glance into the eyes that has captivated your attention can forever hold your gaze forever leaving your eyes blurred. We exist in this on line era where those who are right in front of us aren’t who they try to perceive to be. Where did they come from? What is their existence? I am entitled to ask these hard questions aren’t I? This is the community that I loved that I would of spanned the Globe looking for so why does the rules get to change just because the format of the game is a little bit difference.

I am ready to make big moves once again into a gap that is begging to be filled. There is a presence here on-line that is looking to be filled and I have reached out my whiskers trying to see if there was an interest in wanting to be involved. We need to take accountability in who we want to be remembered for in our communities that are growing rampantly segregated in their struggle for control. We need to redefine who it is we want to be remembered for but define it in an on-line way. Like it or not we need to move towards these on-line venues to keep our communities safe. We need to come together to provide an opportunity for the women of our communities to come together both in friendship and fundraising something that is pulling at our heart strings everyday. I want to let our community know that I hear what they are saying and I recognize that here is a gap. To you I say, “Stay Tuned, The Best is Yet to Come.”

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    its really good……


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