Passionately Driven

What does it mean to be passionately driven? Can you even combine the two? To often our passion and drive rarely intersects because we are unaware of our own passions to begin with. We think we have an idea as we catapult into the next adventure but truth be told most of us are content sitting on the sidelines only raising shade when somebody else finds success.

We were thrust into this on-line World with little to no guidance in how to interpret it. We long for human touch and acceptance but what we are left with is this virtual world that leaves little to be desired. As we were growing into a virtual presence we were taught to be careful as not everybody is who they present themselves to be. Not everybody has your best intentions at heart and it is hard to determine just who they maybe. There are internet trolls and fake accounts designed to derail you, everybody has an opinion that contradicts your own. The only time I remember having a level playing field was in elementary school but now it seems even those days are long gone.

Imagine how hard it was making friends when you were a child. It was hard for me anyways. In the views of our supervisors we were always smiles and giggles but as soon as the teacher’s back was turned all bets became off. The same is true for the on-line generation. We all group together until one decides another has stepped out and done something wrong. We quickly get out our torches and pitchforks and fan the flames of hatred. This is our reality. We never allow the person in question to have a safe place to stand and express themselves. Witnessing the aftermath of a group of women who believe to be scorned but the reality is they are just allowing their jealousy to run wild. I am sure we have all heard the lies that have been spoken about us. What one says behind closed doors should be carefully because unless you are the only one who holds the key the words you spoke will soon be set free.

Passion is one of those things that usually takes a back burner and it is the first thing to be ground into ash when life gets too busy. What fills us with infinite joy is rarely the same thing as what fills our bellies. Few are lucky to truly get to embrace their passion everyday and the rest of us are forced to accept the fact that we have to work in dead end jobs. We become miserable as we continue to work hours to sustain an existence that makes us become shells of who we once were. The magic taken from our sails replaced with insecurity and hate. 

The hardest walk we ever have to take is the one we start alone unsure of our destination. We may know a thing or two that makes our heart beat but it is hard to hear the rhythm amongst all the unsettling noise. Do you think it is weird that most of us have the same passion propelling us forward into the unknown or do  you think that maybe, just maybe some of us have lost our way. What brings me to this point in my life isn’t the same point that brings you. So many look for instant gratification and validation when the only one who should be able to judge you and give you strength is you. I love to be validated like the next but not at the expense of another. So often we are only concerned with the opinion of stranger instead of firing up our own light. Remember keep finding yourself interesting and doing the things that other’s are afraid of. It is ok to fly, or at least try to. What if you took that leap and soared instead of staying grounded at your feet? There is no risk on to other’s if this was to take place. Yes maybe some would feel the heat of jealousy but they can use that heat to light there own flame. Life is fleeting, life is precious. We have to be willing to realize that our passions and our skills might not be the same.

We can’t all follow our dreams like some happy Hollywood ending. We can however fine tune what we are good at in order to make our daily task seem less mundane and boring. Work can be pleasurable if you perfect it like a finely tuned piano. Think of the feelings that surround you when you do a job well. When you complete the tasks around you efficiently and with minimal headaches your day will seem to unfold before you making it seem like you conquer it all. Just because your passion and drive don’t immediately intersect doesn’t mean that your life doesn’t have to be lived without purpose. You determine the destination just as quickly as you determine the road taken. To often I see the passengers in the journey telling off passerby’s and squawking at the rear view like it was their journey in the first place. Passion is something that other’s flock to unknowingly. We all want to feel success even at the expense of others. You can hear it in the way we absently talk about each other. Calling out no one but getting a rise out of nobody just the same.

In this seemingly impersonal world that demands for recognition we really need to take a look at our ally’s. Not everybody has your best intentions in mind. When they see your success they see their passion slipping through their fingers. Too scared to take that step and the plunge into a growing unknown world. Seemingly impersonal or impersonally it seems. One to be a beautiful dream and the other to be a waking nightmare between the passionately driven and those who so passionately divide.

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