F*ck a Fake Friend

Oh gosh not literally. But every time I have a fight with one of those mentioned above I always hear these lyrics by Drake on repeat,

“F*ck a fake friend, where your real friends at?
We don’t like to do too much explainin’
Story stayed the same, I never changed it.”

What I love about these creatures is that when I finally begin to shove back they are the ones that are hard done by and I am the devil reincarnated ready to take down mankind. Well not entirely I just have no place in my life for those who will harp at you to be one way but then will eat their words to fit in with the next crowd. It never ceases to amaze me how quick we side with those we think will give us fortune and fame. Why would I care about those things? What about integrity? What about living towards your true north and f*ck those haters in the wings because they started a firestorm knowing full well they can’t deal with the hit. Me I got a storm door waiting to block out this marginalized drama. Don’t tell me how to dress, don’t tell me who to follow if you keep trying to tame my wild beast I am just going to stop you in your tracks and leave you walking back the other way.

Second chances are for those who are too weak to own up to who they are and stand humbly eating their own crow. I see those who were only around to watch the fall of my own empire. They were exposed to it once and they liked how it tasted so now like rabid vultures they have come to pick over my bones but like the rapture I have already been lifted to a higher place. I never feast on the bones of my friends. I never let their fall from the top allow me the opportunity to come out looking squeaky clean as I wipe away the blood from the black widow’s mouth. You thought your truth would set you free but the inside was already rotten from the core. You don’t get the opportunity to ruin those and call them friends. Yo don’t get to wreak havoc on their mental health and skip away with the golden goose thinking you have one. Me deleting and blocking you and your minions doesn’t given you proof to continue on your tirade of how awful I am. I have never been one to over stay my welcome and if you wanted to use me and my experiences and eventually my family for your comedic relief well, f*ck a fake friend anyways. Not literally. If all I ever am is a stay at home mom who loves her son, furbabies, and still believes in magic. Well I would consider that a life well lived.

Have you seen the meme of, la da da don’t play the victim when you are the one who created the drama? All those thinking they are being insightful are indirectly being just as mean as if they started the drama themselves. Keep stoking the flames of indecisiveness or the mental mind that is incapable of truly understanding who is friend and who is foe. If you are like me you will find you have way more foe’s then friends. I have always preached the value of quantity over quality. I would have expected those who have known me in life to not sell me out like a cheap tawdry trick. What kind of world do we live in when there are those that would rather have the adoration of a complete stranger than somebody who genuinely thought the world of them? I mean I don’t directly cut somebody off from my life without meaningful thought and consideration. Case and point this last falling out. Some would love to believe that it was over a small misunderstanding. I wish that was just the case.

This friend who let me down for not speaking the truth had taken the side of the one that was wanting to kick my husband’s head in. Imagine having somebody tell you that the person in question who is spreading malicious gossip heading the campaign to bring nightmares into your front yard was a good guy guy in high school. Lol alrighty then sell your friend out because somebody you used to know may or may not have been a decent human being at one point in their lives. Could it be possible they are not decent now? When somebody is obsessive about taking and sharing screenshots it’s because they know that their word is worthless. She tried to defend a guy to me that she hadn’t seen in over 20 years telling me he was a good person. How good is a person who spreads lies trying to get another person hurt? Why would you defend somebody you didn’t know? Is it in the hopes that you can come out on top of your devious intentions and look like a hero after all? I should have realized that sometimes in life there are those that are incapable of thinking of others. My whole family was at risk from this altercation but I still turned a blind eye to it all. To you.

How many chances does one person get when you can clearly see who they are? They have put on an act for the whole world to adore but for me I can see exactly what is going on. Did you ever listen to the words of another thinking that what they were saying was gospel only to learn that they engage in the exact opposite of the etiquette they tell you to follow? Those friends. Those friends are just a passing fancy that you should have let pass you by. When you have people in your life who know your weaknesses and threaten to expose or just expose you for no good it’s time to move along. I used to believe in second chances but second chances always have you feeling like a fool.

Fake friends are realities way of bringing you back down to earth. You were never really, truly meant to fly along the clouds when your story was meant to stay on the ground, level headed, full of sense. Imagine climbing to the top on the heads of those that believed in you. Once you get there and look out into the distance you will see the remains of all the friends it took for you to get there in the first place. All the lies you told to get to the top some how don’t mean a thing now that you are there. I hate those that make me feel like I should feel shamed for how I am feeling. I am struggling. Why would I lie about that? What makes it feel like the ultimate betrayal though is the holes in my psyche that are being filled with devious thoughts.

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