Paying for the Sins of Humanity

You know what it incredulous to me? How we accomplished in a mere 200 years what took 4.5 billion years to create. Nothing phases us. There has never been a being that we look up to with respect to get us to change our ways. Think about that hard. We pretend like throughout history there are martyr’s, even legends but if that was the case why do we still act so depraved. Try and convince me anyway else. There are tings in the world that shouldn’t be happening if we all had good intentions and a pure heart.

I couldn’t believe the horrors that came just before my lifetime, permanently destroying generations and forever altering the human mind. Think of how many thousands of men (and even some women) tortured and starved innocent people just because. They killed our children, our elderly and everybody else in between just because of their bloodline and beliefs. When we romanticize and glorify evil what choice do we have but to become these monsters that walk amongst us. Their fear and angst permeates our very being tempting us beyond any conceivable mental limits. The more I read the more fearful I become. The beast walks amongst us in many shapes and various forms.

Every single one of us is connected to the horrors of the past. A piece of us was walking amongst those who suffered the most. They say that inside all of us lies 2 generations to come. So if I was a witness to these crimes against humanity and I grew into somebody that turned an ignorant eye now I am just as guilty if I was the one doting the right arm salute. What have most of our parents said to us as we were growing? I only want you to have a better life than I had. More opportunities. More chances. Our great grandmothers grieved at the hands of these tyrants yet we still sit here fighting amongst each other like our superficial differences actually make a difference in our timeline. Millions upon millions were tortured for no reason. First being carried off to camps were they were set up to gassed then sold off to the Soviets in this insane bid of power.

Reading the book , “Forty Autumns” is gut wrenching but uplifting all in the same. This book is about the lives of a family who were separated by the Berlin wall. The treacherous heartache that ensued for this time saw a family lose everything yet had everything in each other. It was a jarring look at how we all failed a nation which can only be explained by another’s greed. How else that it took so long to notice a country in dire need of saving after decades of brainwashing and indirect torture. Being stripped to nothing with no means to feed your children even after standing all day to get rations only to find out they have run out. This was the reality for millions while the rest of the Western World looked upon them blindly not caring about their fate. Even for those lucky enough to flee before their country was sealed to the rest of the World were still branded with the scarlet A being forever deemed a communist in the eyes of many. I can’t help but feel guilty that I get to live a life with what they would call luxuries as I cry into my lucky charms at the lack of marshmallows I get to consume (mainly because my husband and son pick them all out. I am fortunate that I get to live with my family as so many back then had no choice).

40 years!!! Imagine being cut off from everybody for that long. It wasn’t that you felt comfortable in your surroundings their whole existence was spent tip toeing around afraid of those in the shadows because in order to live a better life you had to spy on those you loved and be rewarded for telling the government simple secrets such as listening to the radio or celebrating Christmas. These tyrants didn’t evade over night. We sat back and watch a few decide that their value on Earth was far superior to ANYBODY and I mean anybody that has ever come before them. Look at now. Knowing the consequences of building such a wall between two countries we have people in power insisting that this is the right thing to do. Historical counts claim that only 125 people died at the hands of this man made abomination (most of them males under 30). People were throwing themselves out buildings onto the streets below, there was underground tunnels, others tried to swim the Baltic sea and a few even flew over the walls. With every attempt thwarted additions were added to make it more secure.

Knowing what we know now what is stopping us from trying to be better people? Do you actually think that minimizing or eliminating others existence makes it so we are promised a better ending? No matter the wealth, no matter the power you will be reduced to dust falling victim to the next generations stories about you. Yes right now you an be worshipped and adored for your beliefs. Sooner or later though you will be held accountable for those beliefs and if they didn’t fall on the right side of humanity there will be outrage like there is now. Look at the statues of the founding fathers. All those who were deemed a hero during their lives are deemed scum of the Earth now. Statues are being toppled, monuments vandalized because we don’t have enough decorum to honour their place in history. We are no better then the communists who invaded these countries killing all those people and ideas that didn’t conform. How can I feel embarrassed for al the sins of the World? It is because for the last 40 years I had no idea my place. If I didn’t learn these tales of almost complete annihilation I would have sat here counting my marshmallows convinced that my life was so hard.

They say the first thing you think about when you are near death is your family. Wouldn’t that mean that they should in essence be the most important thing? Ask anybody who has lost somebody they love and they will tell you the same. The heart ache that they endure over their loss would indicate that what we are living for is all wrong. Try to imagine how much differently your life were feel if you were faced with one of these incredulous moments that threatened mankind. I can’t help but notice that those that had enough mental mind are the ones that are most at peace. Imagine the weighing guilt that some were forced to carry because of the beliefs of some narrow minded few that enforced these superfluous life sentences. Even now as I repeat all these words I feel sick to my stomach. I wonder if the world can heal from their mistakes in time to actually make a difference. We have driven whole species of animals instinct for no other purpose than greed. If there is a life after this, sorry existence imagine having to come face to face with all those you have wrong. The pain and horrid nightmares that you cause all those to endure will hang over your head like a noose barely dangling over your head. If you had a chance to begin the healing process that we all desperately deserve. I don’t want the sins to continue washing over me or the generations to come. I want to start making up for all the wrongs so I can change the hands of time. I want our legacy of humans to be something beautiful and tranquil. I don’t want those that will eventually inhabit the Earth to look at our remains with disgust or sorrow. I want them to recognize our compassion and empathy for all those living on Earth.

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