Raising Hope

Here we are. Another morning where we are hoping for a miracle fully knowing that what we seek will never find us. We have blinded ourselves for centuries ignorant to what lays right in our hearts. When we are younger it comes to us in spades. It is easy to see those with a pure heart in the way with they engage with their classmates and even how they look at lives. Some children are the spawn of evil and there is no doubt of their true intentions. When given the chance to show an ounce of human compassion they will ridicule and tease and break an innocent heart down to dust. They never truly grow out of that habit. The same boy who laughed and pointed at me and my sister when my dog got hit by a passing semi was the same boy who 30 years later jumped naked in his living room demanding me to have sex with him. He knew I had nowhere to go and I was in a dire need of a place to stay but watching his steady medical decline as he called 911 to report my infraction I was reminded of who he truly was born to be.

In a parallel Universe we have the ability to speak free of mind in the hopes of others will feel empowered to do the same. Where most of us get stuck is the forced idea that we have to comply to what is being handed down as the only way of living like we were supposedly given a choice so long ago. There wasn’t very many of us back then when all the rules got made and handed down. How can we expect the same law that governed the population now be what we need today? So many abuse the system that they designed in the first place. There is a reason why we say the rich get richer because they do, at our expense. They want us to live in poverty forever buying off the dollar menu because if we deprive our bodies we will eventually deprive our mind and souls so it will become far easier for those that be to keep us controlled.

Think about this. Has somebody you ever looked up to proved you right or eventually as in most cases let you down? I have ton of examples of the later that will only go to show you the importance of knowing what you stand for and don’t compromise no matter what. When the road that you find yourself on begins to take you on the right direction you of course will look for shortcuts to get you to your destination faster. Not everybody who you meet will want to guide you in the right direction as their jealous nature and ill fed heart will prevent them from doing so. Since that night 3 years ago that opened up my heart and fed my mind I have been unable to allow those with narcissistic ways to get in my way. Unfortunately the reality is that we all want to make it somewhere and for the most part we will sell our first born to get there. We don’t realize that we do this but most of us have. It comes to us in the ways that we would rather have an extra $50 at the end of the month versus raising our own children. It’s in all the little ways that we put those tiny little minds into these places that have little or no passion in who these little beings are destined to be. They don’t have to form these relationships with them getting them ready for the time they have to go. They are prepared to say goodbye every time that child comes home because who knows if they actually will come to work tomorrow.

If a child begins to believe that a materialistic existence means more than their spiritual growth they will become stunted in that development till it begins again in their teenage years. That is when the thoughts and morals of others begin to creep in and their true personality is formed. I used to think it was great how little my parents were in my life when I was a teen. What I see now is a lack of guidance that I could have received from an adult that had already been through what I was about to. When the blind leads the blind there will be definite backlash I think everything I do up until that day is me getting mentally prepared. I don’t want to command my son to conform to a certain behavior. I want to encourage his free mind and of course his ability to think freely I need him to have faith in making the right decisions at all cost and that boils down to me being somebody he can look up to now.

My relationship from my parents was severed in my teens therefore leading me blindly astray. My Dad was too busy trying to find a partner in life to fill the shoes after he kicked my mom out. When he told me he caught my mom cheating I never questioned the fact. I cut her out of my life completely because I was angry at her for what she had done. I was mean and cruel because I wanted her be hurt in the way that she hurt him. She didn’t need me she had already moved on, it was my Dad who was broken so loyally I stayed by his side. Imagine my horror when he moved on in life and his children were disposed of as collateral damage. I had already forgiven my mom because my Dad started showing his true form, she also insisted that nothing had happened to Dad kicked her out so because she has never lied to me before I accepted that in good faith. Parents think that they can do anything and as long as it happens behind closed doors then it won’t affect their children. I know first hand what affected me and it was a lack of honesty from the very beginning. The first things parents say is they want to give their children a better life then go on to buy them everything under the sun. What are children need now more than anything is a stable home where their parents are able to provide them a bountiful life full of values and hope for their future. We have it in ourselves to stop riding the coat tails of the elite and take over their power. If ever there was a trial for crimes against humanity it should start with the Big 5 and trickle down. Behind every war was a wealthy financial backer who funded these sick twisted games of propaganda from shore to shore. Isn’t that is what is littered throughout history. Stories of grandeur disguised by horrific crimes against each other. No side was played ethically. When given the chance most chose pain and torture. Only a few were brave enough to go against the tides and dare to tip them. Every star in Hollywood will tell you they are thankful for their fans but given the chance to distribute their wealth and try to make life easier for them they go on another binge of self indulgence where only they get to benefit. I guess that is the path most of us are on. I will always strive to make another’s existence better even if it means sacrificing my own. I know what I stand for and who I want to be. More to that I have hope for who I hope my son will become for right now that is up to me.

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