The Reach Around

What would horrify you by today standards or is there nothing that can rock your core? I have been reading about Fourcade’s spy movement against Hitler as a retaliation for the German’s occupation in France. I guess I shouldn’t be to concerned that as most people of the Jewish population were hauled off to horrific concentration camps as long as you could reach around to your pack pocket where your wallet lies you would experience the war like it never happened at all. If you don’t believe me ask the Rothschild’s their existence throughout history remains relevant as the bank notes they keep locked away from our eyes and theirs. While others were ripped away from their families, gassed, tortured, and starved a few of these elite carried on with the German occupants like nothing had changed at all. Fashion was still the main topic of the day and where French women would come and admire the upcoming creations the wives of German soldiers took their place. Everybody equally disposable especially when the language that everybody speaks is paper bills and bricks of gold.

It is far easier for us to reach around the four corners of our mind to spin a story that even we ourselves can use to calm ourselves. Until we are presented with a moral obstacle we truly don’t know how we are going to react. We think that it is common sense that we can do what is right but proof be in the outcome that when push comes to shove we dig a hole and jump underground hoping that the worst will miss over us. Nothing stops another’s self righteous behaviour then looking them in the eye and saying not today Satan. How I love how the insecure handles their wavering thoughts that blow over in the wind. How can you fight with somebody who always speaks from their heart and their words are filled with their truth? There is no way to go but down as they hand you the shovel so you can dig your own grave. Nothing glows brighter than your arrogance especially when it is misplaced unless of course you found a few others to believe your asinine behaviour but for me I have witnessed enough of that and more.

The one who acts like their shit don’t stink you can rest assured that there’s is the one that can shut down the night club. Isn’t that where we like to exercise your power? You only whisper what you think is the right words in the hopes that the outside noise makes you inaudible. Saying nothing is almost like saying your guilt. I don’t just listen to the words that you say I apply them to all the actions that I have witnessed you be a part of. All the people you took sides over me trying to play both sides. I positioned myself just out of your reach because in a pile of snakes I prefer to keep my eyes on the ones with the venom and you my old friend I already experience your bite and you were nothing more than a mild irritation content on trying to steal another’s victim, their kill. Tell me you haven’t noticed this. it is far easier to kick somebody when they are down even though you don’t know a thing about either. You are forced to make a quick decision based on who you think the person is and nothing to do with who they actually are. How quickly we forget that most amongst us would sell our soul’s to the devil if they thought they could get away with it. They ave already sold their own so truly what do they have to lose?

The words other people use to describe you are always a far reach. How can anybody claim to know your inner workings when they are the first one to flee at the sign of any trouble. Realistically we live in a time where it is best to wash your hands clean of the drama that seems to find it’s way to your shores. Unless of course you feel the need to try and be the center of attention to another women’s demise but be prepared to be standing all alone when high tide comes in and threatens to drown your sorrows and more. When a friend tells you there is nothing they can do and you made your own bed it is time for you to lie in it I call bullshit. If you are my friend you are my friend for life and I would never live you hanging out to dry. My reach will always include you in a warm embrace as I feel that I know where your heart lies. I would never scorn you or your intentions making you feel insignificant and small. I know our paths have intersected and if given the chance I would always carry you then abandon you and let you fall. So many, so many women would push you down the banks in the hopes you would fall into the pond and be sucked under toe. You never have to worry about that with me. I would never ask you over and over again to prove your worth because it has already been done especially in an online room full of strangers the only person I need to reach is you.

Who would you protect, who would you save if given the chance? We only have two hands so what we hold in them should have some value. We use our hands to create beautiful gifts of nourishment and peace that will soon be long forgotten as we just struggle to survive. As we stretch our arms to the heavens we want to touch all things as we hit the sky. We want to believe that those we keep in our company keep us in their good grace’s. If you find yourself in the company of somebody who would not extend a reach for you are you strong enough to make that divide? Separate yourself from the black cancer that threatens to eat your light and let it go. Evil does what evil does and never in good company can it reach, reach around you loving arms in good company these arms will keep.

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