Is Ignorance Bliss?

Is ignorance bliss or more like a rude awakening. What we don’t know doesn’t kill us until all of a sudden it does. Imagine a time when you were ignorantly happy only to be bought down by another’s actions towards you. Of course it can be any fact of knowledge that brings you to your knees but nothing brings you down harder or faster than somebody you thought you could trust. So is being ignorant blissful? I suppose until something is said you can’t handle.

I remember the first time I found out a boyfriend was cheating on me. You play the events over and over in your mind. Even when the facts start lining up you try to distort them to meet the version of the storey that suits you best. Let me tell you something that is pretty much fact. A man who can sleep with his cousin at a family reunion will most definitely bang everything that moves. If you can’t trust a man when he is with his family there is no hell on Earth that he will ever be loyal to you. Was I better off knowing? At the time it didn’t matter because being ignorant was bliss. As long as in my head I believed he loved me and he promised never to do it again I took his word for gold and pretty much had a hand in digging my own grave.

Loyalty the double edged sword that applies to some only when it suits them. I can’t tell you the number of times I watch women engage with each other after I know what others have said about them. Either they are ignorant to what is being said or they are desperate for any attention even if it is by the company of venomous snakes. I tread lightly when it comes to those bashing one another. I dip my toes and get a feel for what could lurk in the depths below. The rarity of me diving into waters with out first checking the depth and infestation is slim to none. It does happen but those people are ones that tug at your soul. I would recognize them no matter where I was in the World. I don’t know what hurts more actually seeing somebody let you down or watching them flip and then flop telling you their version of events you already know for certain. So being ignorant in this case would only set you for certain disaster in the future. You can’t teach a dog new tricks without copious amounts of treats and rewards. Why waste that much on energy on one who runs the risks of turning back to their wanton ways. Cut your losses when you can before they are the ones cutting out you.

I don’t find much bliss coming with being ignorant to events and facts that everybody else already knows. Sometimes the news is devastating but it becomes so much worse when it all comes out in the end. We have all been there and done that and I for one preferred being empowered with any sort of information that gives me the upper hand in making an informed decision. I never just make a decision to be rash or to be just. It is normally because I have weighed out all the options and the weight of caring on in such a torrid one sided affair is no longer of value to me. Just like in the materials we possess it all becomes valueless. If the flaw in your character becomes so glaringly obvious why would I risk putting myself or my family out there gain. I guess an ignorant person is incapable of loyalty trying to play both sides for a favourable outcome. I never understood why somebody could so maliciously repeat the hateful speech that others engage in so freely. Yes there is liberation in knowing that there are those out there that feel a certain way but to go into specifics when you know that you could be handing down the finishing blow to those with a weaker mind is deplorable. I like the informed ignorance approach. Like I know you are a douche bag and I will keep you at harms length. What is humourous to me though is when the playing of both sides stops at you because you chose not to repeat what has been said.

I don’t consider myself to be ignorant nor do I consider myself to be living in bliss. What I suppose I am is wise enough to know the game and to try and keep the upper hand. I stay aware of those that I know would sell out their friends at the first chance of what ever attention it is they seek. I have witnessed both sides being played and when it comes to that I just step aside. My wisdom tells me not to both engaging anymore in those type of minds. Especially now when company is so scarce and time is valued in the sense that we have too much of it on our hands but there is so much more at stake especially now. Although it might seem that there is this desperation for attention I won’t sink myself or my family to below sea level. I am not that in dire need to try to win over anybody’s affection in a time when I have limited arousal at best. Peak my needs for something more, something more fulfilling that I can lay down my life for because all I see right now is this constant bickering and competition for self control. I am better than no man that has ever walked before me and if you come at me with your basic needs waiting to be filled I will meet you half way. Abuse your power though that you think you hold over me and the rest of the world and I will blissfully, not ignorantly, walk away into the night and into the next day whatever it takes to keep you away.

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