What Colour is Your World?

I remember as a child the first question I asked my dad that made his eyebrows turn in and look at me and say what the hell are you talking about now child. The World I found had so many unanswered questions that I yearned to find the answers too and without hesitation I would fire them off unfiltered to my parents not sure exactly what I said wrong. Asking my mom about death when my Grandmother got sick I just couldn’t leave it alone. Through tear rimmed eyes I had to know what was the point of this all if we were just going to die and disappear. I asked her if she even loved me and if it would hurt her heart never seeing me again. I can still hear her exasperated sigh as she said, Oh darling, I imagine it is similar to just going to sleep. Everything turns to black. You think that this answer would have satisfied me but even I know that sometimes when you sleep you dream so it is not only just fade away to black. So the question I asked my Dad that morning was simply, Daddy who invented color? And he just looked at me trying to understand why.

My confusion came when most of TV that I watched at that time was in black and white. I knew that cameras captured pictures so blingo blango what they were capturing was a dull bleak world. Which also made sense because whenever anybody talked about the events past tense they also were void of all colour and most expression. I knew that catastrophic events had happened and every time they were explained they were followed up with these black and white photos of lives lost since. Even when looking at photos of my Great Grandparents or my Grandmother as a girl they were also without colour so I thought in my head that somebody like Einstein invented colour growing tired of the same old World. All of his photos are in black and white too.

So if black meant finality and death then the opposite of that is white so that must indicate purity and love. Then all the hues of somber grey are mixture of both, nothing too special, no identity just a bleak blob of nothingness where a lack of conformity fits in. We take for granted the colours that flow around us that can directly influence or moods. I never took advantage of the power of colour when I was younger. My mind always saw it as it’s own energy, entity getting lost within the World. Even look at the colours that impact our day to day emotions like red, blue and white. Red to me is a symbol of anger and hate. Red stops for nobody case and point in every symbol that we gave it power in the World. It is the power on our streets, it is the colour of our blood that gets spilled. There is nothing angrier than a sea of red especially one surrounded by rage and hate. Think of all the enemies that have ever walked the Earth they have all shrouded themselves in red. All they saw was the blood of their enemies and till spilled their appetites for destruction would never suffice. Red is hate, red is angry, red is the torture that comes before blackness seeps in.

Blue is the sorrow that comes from the hatred of red. There has to balance and that is when there is blue. It is the colour of our oceans because only in that can we prepare to cleanse the World of what humans have done. When mother has had enough of how grotesque we have become she swallows us up in the hopes that something new can be reborn. Blue is also the symbol for men as men is what is needed to re populate the Earth but that is only after a period of mourning that will set the soul free. Then of course the offset of blue would of course be pink the symbol of all things girl. When you think of pink you can’t help but think of perfect little girls with bows in their hair with shimmering eyes and toothless smiles fearless of their new world. Sugar and spice and everything nice and worms and dirt isn’t that right?

Yellow and green the perfect meaning of a bountiful life. One is for smiling and happiness and laughter the other is green with envy and doubt. Yes of course just like the trees that occupy the Earth envy in healthy doses is necessary. It helps us to strive and become better amongst our selves it’s only purpose is to serve as a muse and guide as along. Just like where darkness meets the light envy can be the sole reason why one’s heart lights aflame. Without it who are? The only colours left are orange that reminds me of fall autumn leaves right before they fall into piles after they have died and been collected by annoyed homeowners. It’s the flash of embers right before they die so in essence they can be the symbol of hope. Isn’t UNICEF and other Global organizations that fight for the bettering of our lower ranked nations? Then there is purple the colour of royalty, a little bit snobbish and stuck up. It is definitely a hue that commands attention.

A World without colour would be so bleak and obsolete. It would be so boring and predictable as we wouldn’t know what we were searching for. If we all had a colour what would it be? When it comes to what colour I would want to reflect onto the World I would have to say all of them. For whatever I am meant to be in this World nothing is more important to me than becoming the reflection of who others perceive themselves to be. I know who I am and what I stand for it is the others that need to open up and see. Every colour that the World has to offer is beautiful. It is ridiculous to think anyway else.

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