The Whatever B*tches

Ah yes the whatever b*tches. Excuse me for my vulgar language but there is nothing more appropriate in life than describing those that make you say whatever (insert eye roll)…mutter under breath b*tch. If only we had the courage to tell them to not let the door hit them on the way out. Unless it hits them so hard it knocks some sense into them because I am beyond tired of the narcissism that is running rampant in my dreams. There are some women who are just whatever about everything. They have no point or opinion of their own in fact it is hard to tell what they are trying to say. Is this fact or pure fiction drummed up to keep these salivating b*tches at your heels begging for more. They are whatever in life and truly are just whatever to be around wasting valuable space in my life. Sure I got lured in by what was seamless perfection until your true personality had no choice but to shine thru. It was blatantly obvious as you transitioned through life being oblivious to the pain you were causing to others. How can somebody I looked up to so highly be the most toxic after all.

When the dust began to settle and my eyes began to open I was confronted with the worst type of friends. The ones who were only around for no reason because somebody else told them to be my friend. Once their was a disagreement with the one who sat at the top the trickle of whatever b*tches began to appear and of course everything was made very clear. They were only along for the joys that life brings but had no desire to be a real friend when the going got tough. I hate the insensitive World that encourages this types of behaviour. When something happens between two, even when made public others shouldn’t be forced to take a side. And when they do sever all ties why let the poison ride. Keep enemies at arms length. They become the whatever’s in life, the b*tch part added for simple comedic affect.

The more I begin to withdraw myself the more freer I become. Have you ever been around a group of girls that fixate on the negative about you? They make these sugar coated comments dripping with sarcasm and honey. To the outside eyes it looks oh so sweet but only you know the belly ache that she is trying to arise. Nobody believes you as it is wrapped up so good but you remember what it is like from before. The value I now see my life to have has pushed out all these diabetic attacks. I am wiser now and a veteran to this. I bow my head in shame because maybe in a previous life I have played the other side. There is a reason why I stand on this side now. The life I dreamed I wanted demanded a change that drove me away from being on of them to becoming only me.

The more you say it the more it reminds you that nothing truly matters except for the love and happiness you keep in your home. It is the one thing in death that we wish we were able to keep. We don’t want to be separated from the things that make us wanted to be better. Live better. Love harder and longer. When all that you have left is the love and light that you put into the world how do you have time to waste on whatever. If anybody in life turns their chin to look any other way than you in the eyes let them go. You need to be able to look into their eyes and be ale to trust them with your life. What surrounds us now is this superficial wasteland that has corrupted our soul that we must fight against to get back.

Others opinion of you has to get to a place of whatever. Nobody should affect your heart then what you are prepared to give. Once it is gone it is a piece that is lost forever but that is ok. Our purpose in life is only to live and to live in the happiest image that we can. I say happy because who wants to be miserable. We are all one disaster away from being separated from this life forever so why make it sh*tty for anybody else. In a room full of *ssholes and whatevers don’t you owe it to yourself to make the best of every situation. The way they behave is not your responsibility but how you present yourself to the world lies entirely with you. You can be good to your surroundings and the energy you put out attracting a life full of purpose and intention or you become the exact opposite and live off scum and destroying everything you see. At first I wanted to succumb to the madness to just take a break. Now I know that I just want to live my best life for as long as possible and that has nothing to do with the possessions I keep. I provide a loving home for so may animals that were given away for dead. There is no better feeling in my eyes then being adored by these many little feet. They remind me there is a blessing inside each and every day and that blessing comes in waking up. Not every interaction will be perfect but you could hope at the very least your circle of friends are. I am at the age now if a friend isn’t for me they are against me and to all of those fake friends I say….WHATEVER B*TCHES!

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