Self Righteous or Falsely Enitled

I live in Alberta. The wasteland of Canada. Where if it wasn’t built on oil and gas we don’t want anything to do with it. More to that if it doesn’t immediately benefit our bottom line or primary objective we cease to hear you and will carry on our merry way.

Let’s be real and 100% honest. Does COVID exist? Sure it does. Does it kill? Of course. Was it dreamed up by the power of be to manipulate us to bend and conform to our will? I am not entirely sold on it’s original origin. Does it matter? Should it matter? It shouldn’t right. All the rest of the world is asking is to mind your germs and do what is right. All some Albertan’s here is you are infringing on MY rights and MY freedoms and me, me, me, me. This disease should be name the selfish haters virus because those who don’t give a damn are the ones that need to keep it amongst themselves.

People who say that it is just the government’s way to cull the population I feel should be publicly identified because I sure want to know that the person walking beside me is a sociopath who deems their life above all others. I may not know the intention of the virus but when you are dealing with a mass of people who are content with their own superiority I truly want nothing more than this insane ride to sto be over. Have you ever seen such a grown bunch of selfish humans in your life? We could have avoided all this if we just set aside our ego’s for a second. You think it is fake? 1600 new cases yesterday should tell you that there is at least something going on. Why do you want to contribute to the longevity of this virus by doing what you are doing? All you are doing is proving what the health officials already know. This is a pandemic that is going to kill millions. I sure hope you are never put into a situation where you have to cry wolf and beg those that you spit on for help.

It is almost like we have a whole group of people who believe our lives are similar to the games they play on-line. Living isn’t a virtual event that you can turn on and off at your leisure. Those people that you say are elderly or immuno suppressed were going to die sooner than later anyways who died and made you executioner? Unlike the man who lowers the guillotine you will never see the suffering of those you infect. You never have to stare into the eyes of a loved one as they begin grasping for air. You were one of the lucky ones. You showed no symptoms but in your path of destruction you took many along with you. You became the angel of death as you took the most precious gift from those we love. You took their lives because you deemed your’s to be worth more. You decided that in your march of freedom you took mine. You took away MY choice to spend the golden years with somebody I love because you decided that the powers that be wanted to make more money off of you.

My life as I know it you stole from me. You took the hope that I had that humanity will restore itself once gain. My husband keeps telling me that once a vaccine is found that this will all go away. What will never go away is the thousands of people who journeyed downtown to spit on the graves of those that we have lost to this virus. How am I supposed to feel good about my choice to let my son be friends with your children. Every smiling face I have seen in those pictures is like a dagger in my heart. You smile and laugh like you had a choice but to some who have witnessed the horrors that come when finding out you have been in contact and the self isolation that then is to follow.

Virus aside all that is abundantly clear is we have become a society that is self absorbed. We don’t care about the sacrifices made that made it possible for us to hold marches and protests. All we care about is me, me, me. I am thankful that this mentality only seemed to come about with the introduction of selfies, social media and anything else related to celebrate us. Could you imagine what the beaches of Normandy would have looked like with today’s generation on the frontlines? Oh just wait let me take a selfie. Just missed that missile going off in the background can you try taking that picture again? This day isn’t going to work for me and I am not so much a sombre colour person. Can we get some more glitter? Better lighting? Uhm what are we doing here anyways I don’t have any cell service. We mock what ever we don’t understand and spit on what scares us.

With the Public Health Advisory going on in my Province and the lack of respect that resides within I know there will be no going back to normal for me. We as a province are so content on our own filth that we see being crowned the COVID hotspot as being a title to be celebrated. I am embarassed to be a part of it and I am ashamed that this is my community. No matter where we believe ourselves to be in the food chain there is no need to be so oblivious to common human decency and a false belief in your entitlement. There is so much more at stake then just a minor inconvenience to our freedom. Every day is a new chapter in our history and shudder to think what the future generations are going to think about us.

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