Women? Saviour or Death?

Without women giving birth there would be no death. Women are in fact both the gateway and the exit for Heaven and Earth. Enter Science that insists on perverting everything and here we are playing Mother Nature trying to bend and conform it to our will. We have this desire to sterilize and castrate everything ate everything in it’s most rudimentary form. We splice genes and mold them together creating new species because their adaptation of evolution we have deemed ridiculous call it ludicrous call it what you will. Something as beautiful as having babies gets distorted with science even worse. T he things that we have done to each other citing experimental differences or whatever mind altering justification you tell yourself and the rest of the World.

I am no expert in evolution or even what happens to us when we die. I think it is our fear in not knowing death that truly affects the mind. We can’t deny how uncomfortable to talk about it with anybody because for one most of us hate being wrong. you really have to ask yourself what is it you truly believe. You see I grew up on a farm. Death happened. Whether we were butchering cows to feed our families over the winter or one of our pets getting hit in traffic on the highway above it was always there. I remember one of the first puppies we brought home. She was 9 weeks old and just a wee thing. It happened late at night or the very early hours in the morning. She had parvo and doing the right thing meant taking her into the forest so she run around with the wood nymph ‘s and be at peace once again.

So what is it truly and what makes it up to us to decide the fate on another species at all. Isn’t the goal of all life to live the best life possible free of torment and hate? I took a special interest in the all the pets life in my care. It became an absolute necessity to know each one individually in order to remain some sort of calm in the house. There is 3 dogs, 9 cats, 5 budgies, a skinny pig and a chinchilla. Wouldn’t you know through observation you get to know the habits of each and every one. Two of the cats are bull’s towards our senior cat and she used to have accidents in the house. After finding out the problem was the two boys jumping at her while she was going to the bathroom it became a simple matter of communication. Watching her habits she has a spot she will come to to let me know she has to use the lil litter box room. I will carry her and guard her lie her own personal security guard. The boys rarely bother her anymore. It works both ways. You know how your pet can sense if you are sad and not feeling well? You can communicate the same way back to them. People will tell you animals don’t have souls and feelings because it makes their barbaric actions towards them easier to stomach.

It was often written about the birth of children being the release of hellhounds onto the Earth. Think of all the ways we have failed our children. We have allowed them to be victimized by each other in forms of torture they have no business knowing. Is it because we have been so consumed with trying to have the biggest, the best, the newest that we forget all about good manners and common sense. Look at all the shootings. Look at all the unnecessary deaths. We are almost a society that cares more about what the bottom line will do for us that morally we can’t go any lower. I don’t care whose side you are on but I watched a 17 year old mow down 3 people. He wanted to kill more. His mother was in the wings waiting for her chance too. That is who we are becoming as a society. If you don’t like somebody shoot it. If you don’t get your way kill it. Morally there is no high ground when we don’t give a damn for our fellow man/woman/whoever has the courage to stand up beside us. There is evil and their is good and there is no middle ground. You do something sh*tty and that makes you a sh*tty person, no second chances no room to grown until you acknowledge that fact and make amends. You can’t get to tomorrow with yesterday’s sin penciled in. Wipe that slate clean and try again.

What made it so that we wanted to control the way we conceive new life. Yes to a point I understand that carnal desire but we are talking about leaving the best part of us here on Earth when we go. This is where I have always been drawn to marriage. The safe bounds of family that will carry us to the after life. This is where I get confused on blended families and here on Earth they work well but what happens to all that energy returning to it’s original point of origin. Will there be relationships built here torn once they crossover based on something simple as bloodline? This is where I get stumped on what is coming next. I know who my son is to me and my husband is to my son. His parents are still together so no problems there but what about my parents. Of course my Dad wants nothing to do with us but do pieces of us get blended back to him? Or because our relationship was severed here on Earth is it eternally severed in the after life. I feel like there needs to be more answers to these questions then what it is we have been giving. That is what makes literature so important. It paints a picture in our mind of a time that used to be hopefully piecing together what was to what is to hopefully what can be. I like to ask the Universe and sometimes tempt fate. Just like in life i feel like you can’t get a yes until you ask. Kind of like when I asked for my husband and finally got my son. It may have taken my whole life to end up where I am but everything in my life right now has it’s own magical place. I keep asking for a daughter my very own mini me. So far she’s still alive in my heart. I haven’t quite given up on the idea of her yet.

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