Dull Your Shine

What is the worst thing we can do to another species? I wanted to say human but life encompasses so many shapes and forms that to identify with only the human form will more than likely set you up for failure. Inside every thing that lives and breathes is the hope and promise to be loved and to love. This is the purest form of life. The ability to obtain love in it’s many wonderful forms is something that is open to all of us to receive. Just like we have different classes in the human race animals also have the same hierarchy of understanding. The greatest harm we can do to another living thing is to take it upon ourselves to steal their sparkle and make it impossible for them to want to shine. You may think that we are the only species entitled to a happy, blissful life but that is where the human race has made the biggest mistakes, that is why we will continue to suffer. If death in itself were so final we wouldn’t be consumed with the evil that runs freely inside of all of us. It feeds off of our fears and nourishes our insecurities making it trul impossible to bond with anyone at all.

There are subtle ways that are subconscious tries to feed off of another person’s success. It happens simply at first than it manifests into it’s own beast. To recognize the heavy hand that tries to come and rule or to plead ignorance is up to you. You can see it in the way that we celebrate our success on social media. Do you celebrate each person’s successes or do you make it all about you? Nobody cares that your perfectly coiffed bun rivals the next person’s. Can’t we just be joyous about each other? Success is right there at our fingertips yet we would rather remain safe in a pack of wild beasts content on feeding then to dare to journey off and save the rest of your flock from your foes. I am guilty of all this and probably more. It just takes awhile for the events and facts to push themselves to the forefront of my brain. What I know for sure is what comes out of my mouth now is something I won’t be scared to own up to in the future.

The girls that are content in taking away another’s sparkle will always feed the jealous green eye beast. Once these girls surface from the swamps of deception that they find themselves in there is little to no hope of things ever getting back to the way they were. I never cared much for gossip. I always just stated facts. There are women out there who would rather live on easy street no matter the means then putting in some back breaking, sweat and tears. These girls, these girls are the ones to watch out for. Once their crocodile tears and alligator smiles make themselves known it is all I can see. It isn’t up to me to go and tell the World of their betrayal. It is up to the World to decide. All I know for sure is like company attracts each other so if you are friends with my foe’s then it is like you accepting the title of my enemy all the same.

Show me a shark that doesn’t bite and I will expose the wannabe diva’s. With nothing nice to say but their compliments about themselves. I never understood this mentality of being mean, to anyone, especially those who like to bully on single standing girls. I will never turn my back on a woman wo is being abused even if the fists they have found themselves on the receiving end is my ex’s. As women as the bearers of life we have a responsibility to care for each living thing as if it were our own. With the health of our Mother Earth on the decline who else but us can pick up the pieces and try to vibrate at a higher, efficient energy? Why do we want to glorify evil and celebrate their deeds? Why can’t we return to nature and try to replace all those young feelings with something truthful, infinite and young.

What is missing from the world is similar to the sparkle in thy eye. Without the hopes and dreams of a future filled with love how do we move past all this anger and hate that the evil entity wants us to believe? How do we move forward without looking extensively at the past? How do we ask for forgiveness of the sins of others and worst yet for our sins if we are yet to accept responsibility for our time and place on Earth? The older we get the more tales we have to tell so it would make sense that those who have already lived wanted to instill the same sort of knowledge and advice to make our time here on Earth a little bit easier. The figures in our past are closer to the answers that so many of us seek. Only they know the truth now and maybe they do walk amongst us. They lived full lives without all the advancements that we have now. When I read through the recipes that were handed down from my ancestors there is one thing that is abundantly clear. Their sustenance wasn’t as bountiful as we have now. They truly lived off what they provided and relied on the land for what they were to consume. If they failed to work hard then they would perish over winter. There was no medical, dental, no benefits to be paid into. yet they survived. We cry when our fast food restaurants close because of the pandemic because we don’t know how to survive. Every recipe is different variations of the same staples and I humbled by that fact. Rations were cut completely in time of war and worse yet in concentration camps.

Our biggest flaw in humanity is our lustful desire to take another’s shine and reduce it to ash. The malicious way we transition from conversation to conversation painting the party in question like an ogre just to get a rise. I think I hate that most of all. When armed with a secret that you promised not to tell it burns a hole in your mind till you are shouting it from the roof tops. Losing friends I thought I made in this impossible journey I know as my life I see now the were just an obstacle that was standing in my way. They were sent to try and upset the balance of my inner peace and to try once again to dull my shine.

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