The Price to Living Free

Imagine living an existence so privileged, so entitled that your only claim to fame was when you dropped out of your mother’s crotch and took your first breath. Some lives are just that way. There is no thought or reason to why. It is more kind of like my parents knew a guy who also knew a guy and our family was the first one to own a blank (insert whatever here). They saw an opportunity in a new land to take advantage of those who spent their lives savings on a fresh start to profit at a time when the financial sector was weak. Isn’t that our favourite rebuttal I knew a guy who knew a guy. Even in today’s age nobody wants to admit at being at arms length with the evils of the world.

My province is divided between doing what is right and doing what we feel is our god given right. We still have anti mask rallies like 700 of our neighbours haven’t perished to this virus. I hate how selfish we have become and the disgusting words we spew in defense of freedom. Who are these people that like to tempt fate but worse than temptation they believe the lies they tell others. They don’t care who they infect with their lives as long as they are the ones who seem righteous at the top. These anti maskers are the reasons why are friend’s businesses are financially ruined unable to stay open because of “our god given right to spew hate.” I was horrified to learn that not only is their media liaison a small business owner she is also Indigenous as well. She out everyone should know the value of living right by your fellow man in order to stop others from taking away. These proud boys that go out and terrorize our towns citing their filth and taunting us to conform. There is a line between doing what is right and standing up for yourselves. This movement does neither. It has no purpose in our day to day other than expose an already exhaustive public force.

I used to be one to respect our boys in blue until I was on the receiving end of an embarrassing takedown. I saw embarrassing because like a common thief they had us handcuffed and sitting on the side of the road for all the neighbours to see. Whenever they are around I can never be at ease. Case and point is the time that they were called into my work to deal with a sexual assault/harassment case that turned into one of the officers hounding me for a date. It got so bad that he was parking out in front of my house, stalking me on social media. So when it comes to our boys in blue I am indifferent. I wish they were our protectors. I wish they enforced the honour that they were sworn under oath to take. Of course I lump them all together under one broad band. ‘t mean that I don’t think they aren’t worthy of respect. It means respect should be earned. Imagine the horrors as you watch these men and women get beat with hockey sticks, garbage, any other common object that the commoner can get their hands around. No wonder why they are corrupt. We made them that way. How can the trust that that average looking person with average looking build with their children in tow wasn’t going to use their own children as a shield to spew their own hate. This is the fear of every mother waking up to the travesty pf these events.

My husband and in-laws like to chatter away at me at the idea of public school. When I look around at all the horror that has been circling us these days the idea of education is a lost wayward thought. Why do I want my son to be interacting with the children of these men and women who all they want to do is hate. They say they are acting up for all of us but all I say is this evil conforming entity that resembles the likes of the devil himself. There is freedom of speech but that should never take over another’s free will. You want to believe in conspiracy theories and talk that the aliens are coming for us or whatever it is you think you believe. There is no way that a life form so intelligent that has mastered the technology of space travel that they could ever be interested in us. There is nothing that we can teach them that is any value. We show them everyday how human life is dispensable. We string up our neighbours into trees and encourage our children to use them as piñatas there is no way feasible that another lifeform would ever want to deal with us.

We are the wasteland of basic human decency denying our children a free world full of free will and hope. We are teaching our children that vanity is the only option. That the only voice worth listening to is our own and no other need not apply. There is no need for any protests if we just do the right thing. Tell me again why you hate your neighbour with different colour skin because I need to understand. Without even saying a word with not even an interaction between the two we can pick out somebody we hate but we can’t formulate a common thought. We don’t have it in us anymore to act humanely we would rather haunt each other’s dreams. When I close my eyes and see how violent we are just when we are asked to stay home I think how disgusting we truly are. I don’t want to open my eyes and cringe at what I see. I don’t want my son to know a time like this existed, a time when human compassion was no longer free.

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