The Grace of Life

The shift that we are all faced with can either pull us away or it can unite us in ways we can not even fathom. You either see it and you understand it or you become oblivious for all the World to see. At first it comes with a cloud of uncertainty that begs us to read between the lines. It never ceases to amaze me though how little thought we put into the grace that is life.

I grew up on a farm. Hence my heart has always felt a special tug for our little friends. Growing up I thought all they needed was love. It was all I needed in order to secure my stance in the World. Just like those little creatures I knew what it felt like to be abandoned and tossed aside for a new model you thought you could love more. I have a fewer of those older models who were traded in for an experience that was more thrilling, something more promising, something fresh and new. If our bodies can wear out from being mistreated and unloved then why do we not extend the same courtesy to those that are still living, to those that are not yet dead. Neglect can tear a hole in a body leaving a chasm that may impossible to bridge. How many people have wasted away from our presence because the rest of the World was too busy to understand. We take for granted the space of time that we exist. We live our lives in the way we think breeds us the most happiness with little thought to those we lived damaged in our wake.

An animal is nothing more than a child trying it’s best to communicate with a parent that maybe isn’t trying to understand. We wanted a companion to conform to our reality filling in the gaps where I lost lover and friend used to go. They feed off of our emotions and begin to reflect our traits back on to us. When they give their heart over to us though, they give it over with no questions or even a second thought. Staring into the eyes of the living who is just begging to be loved what kind of a monster can distort this relationship and truly at what cost. I can’t believe that those who cause another unbearable bouts of pain and torture will live a blissful existence in the life we go to after. The place where no more secrets are able to live. If we believe in anything after all of this we have to believe that eventually we will have to pay for our sins. How can an innocent life be taken from us in order to fulfil another’s perverted will?

It all depends on what you believe and what grounds you to your core. You might be one of those who see them as being an animal, something without a soul. You might assume because they aren’t able to communicate with us by the traditional sense that they are something to be discarded as being useless. Something that can be ignored when we want to because what can they say or do? When they get fed up with their life being reduced to ashes they may act out in ways for you to see the error in your ways. Chewing up things, peeing everywhere, yelling, acting out of place. The way they behave is similar to our children but oh wait, some of those are disposable too. I am no expert on abandoned animals. Here in my domesticated farm I have 19. All from different backgrounds but all desiring the same thing. A place to live out their golden years feeling appreciated and loved. Yes of course you may think that a simple farm girl like me is one ticket away from crazy town but you can believe me. I communicate better with these animals than any friend I have ever had. They rely on me like the setting son to be their beacon of hope. They seldom remember the times human betrayed them but for me I never do.

I hate the term of ownership because who are we to possess another’s life? It seems to me like it is more about being able to control then to maintain any sort of order in your own life. My house is my temple and all those in my presence have sworn in to keep some order of civility. It truly is like living with a little hoard of children all with their little idiosyncrasies and quirks. The pup is more annoying than anything and it brings us to our ropes end. He is full of spit and vinegar and is always eager to run and play. We lost control on that one but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There something that is brought back to life when you are able to help something so broken obtain their wings and fly. No being should ever be forced to live miserable no matter who their parents happen to be.

I guess what can we expect from a culture that was content on distorting the human way. Why did we ourselves have to become so entertained with slavery and all the other ways we set out to evaluate our success. Sometimes when I feel the pressure to acquire as much as I can I remind myself that as women we are capable of incredible acts of strength and servitude. Every challenge is an opportunity to see just how far you have become. For me I was always quick to temper and very likely unlady like as I struggled to be heard. Just like an animal that has been frequently beat down I truly had nothing of value to say. What I needed most was compassion but for most that was an impossibility they couldn’t push away. Without somebody loyal by your side to let you know you aren’t alone. It is so easy to give up on yourself just like a dog without a bone. We come into this world so eager and wanting nothing more than to be loved. The streets harden us though and open our eyes to the possibility of what if. My biggest fear was of being abandoned. I think it was a deep stemming root that took a hold of me when my Dad stopped being my best friend. I guess that is why I relate so easy to these sweet lil abandoned souls. I feel what they felt when they were tossed away too. Will I ever be good enough? Will this happen to me again? Will they take away my food and chain me outside or will they just give me up for wanting too much love. My family I vowed to keep together until we take our last breath. At times I feel like I am in a pack of wild animals who look at me to be their saving grace. But that all comes together perfectly when we all rest at night in our little place. My life I have decided to look at it differently free from other’s judging eyes and opinions. I believe full force in the Universe and Mother Nature and what we reap therefore we will sow. If that is all true then the energy that we bring forth by coming together is something that should shelter us from the cruelties of the outside World.

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