Lost Dreams and Words Unsaid

I can’t get enough of that sweet little girl, Anne Frank. Reading her words and bringing her dreams once again to life breaks my heart because I already know the outcome. We know she existed because she left her words as our gift. She was one amongst millions who faced the ugliness of racism and unfortunately didn’t live to tell her tale. She was somebody’s daughter. Their greatest accomplishment. Who got taken away to die an excrutiating death. What hurts my heart the most is we are no better now than when Germany first declared war. In every way we have failed her even after her words live on.

We here so much talk in Canada about making it right for the people our ancestors hurt. We try and demand payment for the human sacrifices made by our beautiful Indigenous inhabitants and the African slaves who beat to build America up. You would think that after seeing what evil hands were capable of we would want to rise up. What does your heart say? My heart says my life is minimal at best and if I could sacrifice my life to honour their loss to help numb their pain then maybe it is all worth it.

I don’t want to engage anymore because I can see how evil is rampant and just runs free. When I read about how alone Anne felt I can easily imagine how that could have been me  The dreams I have for my future and the blessings that are sure to come is nothing compared to the hell that some endured. These weren’t violent people by any means. Instead of accumulating the masses to try and fend of the Germans never arose. They watched as friends, neighbours, loved ones were carted away to be gassed if they were lucky enough to go out so soon.

Imagine your little girl on the brink of falling in love and becoming a woman is whisked away from reality and locked away behind closed doors. The idea that right before she experienced true love she was hidden away from prying eyes. Her last years were with her sister. Even worse her last years were spent in squalor wishing for food, hoping for salvation neither would this wild spirit ever know. I can’t imagine watching my sister dying beside me or imagining my family experiencing a similiar fate. Millions of people executed without even a second thought. The only trace of their existence is a pile of shoes that removed before the firing shots rang out and claimed innocent lives.

Why aren’t we disgusted that humans can devalue another human being. Look at your children, then imagine your parents suffering a similiar fate. Your last years on Earth you consumme foods void of nurtrition so others can watch you suffer and waste away. Humans taken from us so suddenly some families cease to exist without a trace. Their lifelines severed. No more children to be born. We allowed almost an entire race to be anniliated now we brought this hate to our shores. You can’t tell me that we still glorify evil. It is like those beautiful lives were exhiled before they even started how do you ever heal the injustices of the World?

As she laid there waiting for the war to be over she often thought how lucky she was. Her mind would wander and think of the people who were no longer and feel guilty for still being alive. Imagine your last few years. Completly in hiding entrusting others with your fate. There were bounties on your head, friends from your past were likely dead yet you still tried to remain faithful that the war was soon to end. I think I feel the same guilt that she maybe felt because I am disgusted at myself for the life I have been living. Nothing I will ever experience in this lifetime will come close to what these sweet beautiful souls. I am so embarassed at what humans deemed acceptable behaviour and even carry it forward in today’s time.

Mankind destroyed the world when they tried to take it over with steel and force. Look into the eyes of any species and all they want is a feeling of acceptance and love. Who hurt these people when they were younger to make them enthralled with deplorable inhumane acts? People get off on suffering. People enjoyed taking away others freewill. There is nothing we can do to turn back the hands of time. We can try and let them know we finally here the cries. Because just like we are living today, they didn’t deserve to die. We can all live our lives so differently filled with unconditional love. Don’t you think that would help appease lost souls that are waiting up above. Their absence from this world to me would mean they have something left to give. This little girl wanted to document her life in order to help others live. To live life differently then what what was ever expected us to live. To find a way to live selflessly never taking always wanting to give. This was a real life, someone’s real daughter. Who was starved, neglected and eventually laid to rest because of one man’s wish for human control and world domination. Tonight before you rest your head on newly laundered sheets and a nice warm bed, make sure you think of those that dared to dream and lost and all the words they left unsaid.

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