The Price to Living Free

Imagine living an existence so privileged, so entitled that your only claim to fame was when you dropped out of your mother’s crotch and took your first breath. Some lives are just that way. There is no thought or reason to why. It is more kind of like my parents knew a guy who also knew a guy and our family was the first one to own a blank (insert whatever here)

The Making of Something Good

Where are the heros that made this life worth living? Who filled our hearts with hope as they paid the ultimate price? Are we ever going to be happy with the accomplishments presented to us or will we always find a way to make it seem so trivial?

The Fatherless Mother

Poisoned by the lies that were being told about me because they were coming from people I believed. To have to imagine life without those I loved hurt my heart and at times made it impossible to breath.

In A World So Cold

The way we ignore those who are in desperate need like their ailments of the heart are trivial or superficial, a waste of time in most eyes. I am dulled by this experience. Horrified of what I feel. Even looking up is a chore. Dizzying at best.

Through the Eyes of a Child

Our children are our greatest gift and the biggest travesty of all time is when we fail to shelter them from all harm. The most we can hope is to empower them with knowing how valuable their existence is to become.

Miserable Discontent

What I see is imagery that would make me feel ashamed in the context that I grown accustomed to and it would be false for me to continue on this path. I am evolving into a form that doesn’t rely so much on the outside acceptance and gratification of the outside World. I have spent enough years avoiding who I am and my true calling and truth be told it is time I return to my roots.

Closer to the Secret

To the Dr who saved our lives. Thank you for the living legacy my gift to leave to the World.

Where Legends Go

As the rest of my family begins to stir the promise of a new day is right upon us. With the curtains being pulled aside to embrace the life that each new day brings I will leave the legend for another day. A day when time stands still.

The Moral High Ground

Of course I do not avoid any topic and I cross many genres which lead me to read “Between the World and Me”. It is a book about the misuse of power that rules like an iron fist and leaves a whole race scrambling out of fear.

Find Your Silver Lining

I wish I could have seen the error of my way and started anew half a life time ago. I am so scared of not being able to become who I was meant to be because I wasted so much time.