Unfriend, Block, Delete

When a friend waivers in being a good friend to me I have to lead them to pasture and I have to set them free. If a so called friend can betray you with the million of eyes that social media can bring I can close my two eyes and severe the tie that may be. I value my time and space and the people I hold dear. I am yet to regret anybody that has found themselves at the end of unfriend, block, delete.

Melt My Heart

We have to have faith within each day that it will be bound with limitless laughter and love. To be surrounded by those who think the world of us, and in them we think the same, that sounds like something heart melting, a definite moth to a flame.

To Love a Stray

Cats always had this way of only coming around when it was absolutely needed by you or them the verdict is still out. Dogs will always be our loyal companions our true ride and dies our comfort that will always be.

Happiness Takes Flight

Who would we become if we don’t look for the light brought into each day? There is a chance to be love and be loved but for most of us we chose to look away.

Taken to Soon

Are we too deeply scarred and engrained from the past that we will never truly heal and move on. We see it in our sacrifies too humanity. The ones we lose too soon. The ones who laid down their lives for us, the ones who were barried to soon.

Stronger Standing On My Own

When was the last time you felt free from the control of others? Why do we make it a condition to our existence the acceptance of others? Conformity should terrify us. It should make us run away in fear but in some alter reality it is the fear that binds us and all others appear as strays.

Windows to the Soul

In this world of constant competition and hate it becomes an insurmountable task to be able to wade through all the garbage and waste. We all want to feel like somebody in our own heart and we are prepared to sacrifice anybody who wants to share the lime light instead of including them on center stage.

Final Class Bell

In our eyes we still appear as innocent like no harm can ever come our way. They absolve us of our sins and remind us love will find a way. If it weren’t for these few gentle souls that entered my life at a time when all I needed was a friend. I imagine how much stronger I could have been if I was more into their lives. Instead of a seat inside a classroom waiting for that final bell to ring.

The Scandalous Woman

The only person who should be able to hold your head underwater is yourself. You know your shame and your dirty secrets and you know what is at stake. To empower another human being with that kind of information is like sealing your own fate. I would rather walk this life along than beside somebody I hate.

Victorious or Spoiled?

I find it incredibly surreal that we are celebrating a victory that to me doesn’t seem like a win for humanity at all. Was it the lesser of two evils. Time will surely tell but what is evident to all is there is major decision and unrest to be had as half of the nation is angry of the outcome. That doesn’t say much all things considered.