A Materialistic Existence

If we are all created equally, then it is our materialistic possessions that set us apart. There was a time when we were content being able to provide for ourselves the necessities of life until some other being told us we needed to lust over something else. How were we to know if our food was bland if we never knew about spice. Would life be boring or mundane or would we finally be able to focus on the peace within. It is hard to hear ourselves think these days with so much on the go. Our thoughts barely have time to gather never mind to process and evaluate. There are those you will find who are mediocre at best. The only thing they seek is another beings light. You see it in the ways we torture each other, other things that are living. Some believe that if you hold another’s last breath in your hands that you get to absorb their essence as well. Every power that ever was or will be some lust for it like a fiend.

I like the solitude that this pandemic has brought in. I think that is why I don’t mind too much what is happening. Of course I am scared for those that are in the thick of it but I have faith in doing the right thing. Hopefully there is grace that will be on their side. Preventing from absorbing this virus at all. Maybe I sounded a little too harsh when I said I don’t mind because of course I do. What I meant was I have chose to stay within my four walls with minimal interaction with the out. I can’t trust those that aren’t following the rules. There is of course some doubt after all. With nothing pressing to do and not too many pressing to see I think it is safest here after all. Even if we didn’t believe that there was an illness set to kill many, by staying at home we take away their ability to cover it up if that is what is happening. Think of this. How can the virus continue to grow if we are not going out. If we have ZERO interaction with the outside world other than what is deemed necessary how can they continue this economic collapse. That is what is happening. Can you believe how many of us are sitting at home? If we would have nipped this in the bud WAY back in March they couldn’t be doing what they are doing now, IMPOSSIBLE. Those countries who followed the recommendations by World Health are not experiencing the fear and frustration that we all are. What do we do in the mean time? How do we keep each other sane?

If materialistic possessions we can’t take with us then the important piece is all that we are. We allowed somebody to distort our visions and made it seem all so perverted and crass just the same. If only we embraced our true image and laid our opinions humbly at our feet. We wanted to get off over and over again and that furry will ricochet throughout the halls of time. Yes we need passion but passion in life doesn’t mean that it has to be naked and only enjoyed with another. Passion should ignite you in a way that makes your being feel alive. When you are around a source of true love you have no option to respond back. Love comes to you not because of what you look like or the state of arousal you make another feel. It is feeling accepted and relaxed in all that you are, when all another being wants is time with you. Getting lost in a moment with both hearts skipping a beat your lips turn to smile but you hear laughter instead. When you are surrounded by limitless love being in their presence automatically calms you like you have reached the center of the Earth. Time and the space that comes and goes in between us never changes. I can hear your whisper from miles away. When joy and love intertwine in the most perfectly intrinsic ways there life makes sense again like all the bad stuff never occurred.

The feeling of being reborn only comes to us after we are finally accepted. Either from ourselves or from others but we need to reach that inner peace instead. Clothes should never make the man yet we love to define each other that way. I hate how superficial we have become in the presence of all that is great. I love pictures from long ago so I can see the way that nature used to be. How is it possible we wanted to destroy everything, wasn’t there anything worth saving. There are still those remarkable beings who give thanks and live off the land. I can’t imagine their heartbreak when we rape and pillage even more so, never giving always taken. The way we think that our species is the only one that should exist. Worse yet we still define each other by traits that shouldn’t matter like the color of your our or the texture of our hair. Imagine if a person’s aura just beamed loved and acceptance. That the person in front of you wasn’t trying to evaluate your rung on the social ladder. Imagine a world where we weren’t so quick to use and then of course lose each other’s attention maybe we wouldn’t suffer as much as we are doing now. We lost our way a long time ago that it is impossible to determine exactly when that occurred. America doesn’t seem to built on any sort of love, spirit or positivity. You never have to steal, abuse or murder in order to realize your own best life. No matter what it is you feel you have to gain it should never come at the expense of another human being. Life will continue to have no meaning and it will never make sense if we continue to flock with the masses instead of doing what it right in the end.

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