Becoming Numb

If history is destined to repeat itself what makes us so blind. Is it because we have become numb to the transgressions muting our inner voice. We had a year which was supposed to serve and solitude and look what we have done. We have those that are supposed to lead us and show us the way to truth. Yet those same that we have entrusted with our future spit on us just the same. They took away our traditions and made us all hold our heads in shame. The audacity of some who said her traditions are worth more to her than us, the people she serves. Her narcissistic thirst should show us the error of all of our ways. I don’t want to believe in conspiracy theories. Some of them are just completely out of wack. But let’s look at truth. Let’s read the facts. I can pick a tale written in any age and the common people are always feeling the same. That is who we are common. We are the people the rich look at when they have no choice but to hold their heads in shame. Is this who we are supposed to worship or are they just distracting us so a deeper evil can take seed.

It is not like the Earth hasn’t seen a pandemic. The haunted images throughout time should be enough for us to see what is happening for what it truly is. First disease, then an economic collapse. With all these stimulus checks floating our financial system and our small business taken a crash. We are at a standstill weakening with each breath. Ask yourself why these leaders thought their traditions were worth the risk to take? Do they know that with the economic collapse comes war so they had to take their families one last time. These people are privy to information that we will never see. If you sit back and take a look at all those in charge their behaviours are never normal they are always uptight like a rubber band ready to snap. One of the first ways to unlock you emotional intellect is to sit back and observe. If you remain silent for any length of time you can see that it is only a matter of time. We laugh at these Mad Max meme’s like this isn’t about to happen. I can feel a slip like we are about to lose control. So many of us are living unhappy. Some of us will have a one on one with death. When nothing makes sense anymore it is all you do to is take a step back and absorb. And hope. Hope that maybe by finding the words that rest of the World will take heed and snap back.

When countries lose millions upon millions of people to an illness it is so much more than airborne. Why would something so small want to kill us. To end us. What is the end game and how do we score? We should begin looking at countries with little or no deaths. These ones that could potentially be building their armies to let their evil plan unfold. We have to look at those that aren’t risking as much as we are. We have to pull our head out of our asses and finally see with our own eyes an believe whatever it is that we may need to believe. Some say that this virus was engineered. If this is the case how is it not possible that this first strain isn’t the same? The ridiculous part is it seems last year was a warning shot just to see how weak we have become. Each individual has the power to begin to live life the way it was intended. The only thing we have as proof that we are still heading in the right direction is the co-operation of the masses. Or should we be more alarmed in knowing that what we see is not necessarily the way it seems. There is so much disarray and discontent that should bring us all shame. What kind of human being sees happiness at the other side if that means killing your whole family. Some get away with it so why can’t I. Start all over again.

We can’t learn anything from our past as we are propelling ourselves forward into oblivion. Should we be alarmed that nobody seems to have a grasp of what is truly happening. I know life wasn’t meant to be like this because you can feel the thick air of heartbreak like a dense fog keeping it all in. What I was enjoying about life was taken away from me the minute this virus began to hit our shores. I used to be able to visualize the future so vividly but now I am not so sure. I know I want to live my life differently, happy, no matter what the end may look like. I am tired of those that hang around just because they can’t seem to cut the chord. They like having their nose up your ass so far you can’t feel it. They know when you have to take a shit before you do. Every dog has their day and 2020 was this giant inevitable bone. Everybody had something to say to oppose you then have the audacity to ask for support. Good people always have a way of making themselves known. Maybe it isn’t a matter of good or bad after all. What I long for is a connection that needs no words. Actually when I take a deep breath in and marinade in the thought I realize I have plenty of those relationships living under this roof. I was so brainwashed into thinking that love and family and marriage had to be a certain way. That is where the mind control comes in first. By always making you want what you don’t have that is how they remain in control. Keeping you tired. lifeless and unfeeling, working your fingers to the bone.

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