Fame, Fortune, Sex

Isn’t these the three things we gravitate towards. These three things we are sure will solve all of our problems. Well at least make living bearable to see the least. Without these three things does that make our lives any less fulfilling? Even the Pope has fame to fill his heart. Does he need it? Is he even aware? Is he only popular based on the title and we care very little about the real man inside the robe. What about the homeless man who more than likely has none of three. We can’t rule out the later because human urges will always arise and it is what makes us human after all that wills us to survive.

Since my first break up I always thought, if only I was on the cover of magazines then he would feel sorry. I always thought that what was happening to me was based on my looks and not due to substance brought by either party. Looks should factor in a lot less when it comes to the stirrings of ones soul. Think of 7 seconds in heaven, the game you are locked in the closet where your classmates wait just behind the door for the timer to go off. With your eyes closed all you visualize is the object of your affection. Your passion doesn’t even have a face. That would indicate that the awakening of one’s soul is something you can will into life without even knowing what lies right in front of you. True love recognizes you before you even recognize yourself. This love is so rare that it is impossible to find. We pretend like we have found it not because we have because we want others to believe that we did. Lying to others is not the problem. It is the lying to yourself that will bring infinite problems in the end. You have to know what awakens your soul before you can control the beast within.

Sex has become so important in our lives that we will throw away our whole families to obtain. The physical outsource of love was given to us to create children yet some people use it to rule their world. Sex has been the root of most evil. It distorts the mind into thinking that lots of sex with random people means we are successful in our life. We have obtained fame in our small circles for being known as something tantric and unique. There is no shame in being active in that way if that is your passion. We are all individuals and unique and our ways that some of us get great satisfaction in doing so. For me sex is something that I value now very highly. I know what it feels like and I yearn for something more. I now know what true love feels like in the eyes of my son and I know that I need to hold respect for myself just as much as I have respect for my family. When I think of the ways that humans have grown to hurt each other I want to run as far as I can in the opposite direction. My son will learn from the dynamics of our family. Where else would we develop ideas and understanding of life and love?

Of course we all imagine what life would be like if we had no financial worries. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend the rest of your days living and loving your family all day long. Getting to be an active part of their development and watch them blossom into the men and women they were destined to be. We have to work our fingers to the bone in order to provide for the essentials then we come home exhausted and help others make their millions so they can do just that. Every chemical we consume, every want we give into helps another person line their pockets that when push comes to shove they will push you overboard. Does it make sense why these billionaires need to sit on so much money? Their interest makes more money then we will ever see in a lifetime yet they sit their Like Scrooge swimming in gold. Why is it we lust over their lives like they have more meaning? Shouldn’t we hold our shame that we have let their perversions flood our main stream and dictate to us what we should be doing. I can’t by into Hollywood anymore. I have problems even watching network tv. The rich get richer and we just die. I would rather watch You-Tube and help another survive then to hand over any more money to those that don’t care.

Ask yourself if you had the power to make a difference would you or would you be to scared of the repercussions? Do you sit in silence too scared of what those in power will do to you, too scared to use your voice? My head can’t wrap my head around those that are content in living somebody else’s life. Where have all the good people gone? Are we all just lurking in the shadows not willing to speak up. It shouldn’t matter what your thoughts are these are yours to own and do so as you wish. We want fame because we think only then will we finally not feel all alone. If we were popular there would be so many people around that we will finally have a friend. So many times we go for quantity over quality and when that happens I never stick around. Some time last year I had I friend send to me these exact words, “I don’t trust you.” With those four words I immediately cut the chord. When she uttered those words what she really said is, “you can’t trust me,” so I took her words for gold. Deep inside us is a gift we have been given to tell us to run and never look back. What she stirred inside me is she only cared about fame as she sided with those that she didn’t know. It happened in an instant and it was clarity for me. We should never surround ourselves with those who don’t trust us or who are always trying to steal our light. There are those that love us immensely who truly do want to see us shine. Those are the beings we should gravitate towards. The ones that make our hearts soar. Not the ones who are content on keeping us on the ground.

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