Stop Breeding Hate

Hidden amongst the shadows is a darkness ready to creep in. You don’t know them, they could care less about you but they feel it’s their constitutional right to rip you limb from limb. I want to cry but what will that do all I see is lifeless bodies hanging from the trees. I hate what it means to be human. At least by today’s definition. Freedom doesn’t exist anymore because we all feel entitled to so much more. As civility crawls out the window another child takes their last breath. They cite the things we want to hear. The things that make our blood boil. We thought we found our ally. Wait is that a bullet in my back?

How can anybody say that lashing out and acting violent is their constitutional right? It is also your right? So the rest of us have to live in fear for each other and our family and friends. Is the color of our skin the enemy or is it misinformation trickling from the top. Did you always wake up hating others for no reason or is this what you think will brink you more likes. Isn’t that now the true meaning of life. Being remembered for your deranged attempts at being civilized with another’s blood dried up under your nails. Tell me a story that has a happy ending. Let me believe for one day it could possibly be true. All the fairy tales I grew up with as a little girl have now been distorted to make us unbelieve. Peter Pan obviously never existed but what happened to his childlike wonder and open heart. We closed our children off to believe the world is a horrible place. They grow up scared and depressed and unwilling to become anything because all around them things crumble to dust. Mom and Dad aren’t together anymore and if they are they both have another partner. We condition our kids to believe and want for everything even the things that don’t make sense.

With no strong center how will anybody find their way home? How do we truly know wrong from right if what our neighbors have is something else. But mommy please let me walk home with Johnny after school, I promise to be good. It is the rest of the world I am worried about son, there are those intent on being bad and nothing on Earth I can do can change that. When a Person of Colour is hunted like an animal and those accused are telling us how to feel. They weren’t a victim but an object incapable of human feelings and devoid of thought. To a mother like me listening to these words how does one explain this to a child. To my son color is beautiful and just like me he wants to love everyone. How can I protect him from just wanting to be friends with all. Of course we don’t want to feel fear based on another ethnicity but it isn’t that what scares me most. It is this archaic thinking that has fluffed up their chests for too long when they decided to burn the first cross. No matter who you are. No matter what you say. When you burn anything in effigy I can’t help but hope your sheets burn with you too. To bring it upon yourself to decide who is virtuous, who is good. I have seen more apes locked up in captivity showing more compassion than you ever would.

Imagine trusting another being more than you trust yourself to justify your unholy acts. Laws don’t exist. The only thing that matters is tyranny trying to enforce the way we believe it to be. Measures have been put into place that we believed to protect us all. We can see now how much some of us are hated. Some believe our existence should have remained null and void. We don’t like ANYBODY who is different from us. We have no compassion to understand. Imagine a life where you run parallel to the life you have come to know. Imagine being trapped inside of your own body to scared to let go. You want to embrace your own identity but others are quick to put labels on you. Strange, Queer, Homo all because they refuse to understand. Our bodies are just matter. It is the same as being fat or thin. We can’t control what we look like and for the ones who try and do, they live an even more miserably existence then we could ever understand. Being trapped and defined by what you look like in addition to how crazy this world is….no wonder suicide rates are so high. You have to believe that you are in control of your thoughts and your own destiny before any sort of change can occur. All I see when people fight is this putrid air of arrogance that begins to rot my insides. If I believed in the things that they do I am sure I would be rioting right by their sides.

Who remembers during the start of the BLM movement all the craziness that ensued. There was statues being toppled over, graves being disfigured and for what to appease our own minds. Whatever the reasons that spilled to that level doesn’t change who we are now. In a hundred years when they are learning about this period of time think about all the things they will used to describe us. We are no different then those statues we vandalized. We had an opportunity to do the right thing to start making progress and start making amends. We could of unified our fronts and stood up to the ways of a delirious old man. We can be the change if we wanted to be but we would rather fight with each other like our actions are still going to make a difference. We are still the generation that ate tide pods and lowered our inhibitions about sex. I have to bring that up briefly because when school aged children are selling their bodies for sex we are glorifying rape culture. We are taking their power and their voices away before even leaving adolescence. Why would they learn about the past and look hopefully to their future when they see a bunch of adults behaving like brats? Let’s shut the darkness out of following us to the next generation. It is never to late to lead by example and move towards each other in a positive way. Just because we once believed hate was the fuel that saved us, letting go of old hostilities is the only way we can truly be saved.

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