Enjoying Your Experience?

What is stopping you from fully enjoying this experience? And by experience I mean fully living and loving your life? There is always this pressure to live up to somebody else’s expectations but at the end of the day the way somebody else feels about us should that be the detrimental factor for us determining our own self worth? Look at how many stupidly stormed the capital of the US. Like their itty bitty lives were worth enough to go hunting for another human being and hang him on the capital steps for treason. Imagine the thinking that goes on the other side and by the other side I mean any Person of Color living during this time in that country. Human beings (if we can call them that) were ready to destroy the men and women sworn to protect us because THEY decided they were bigger and grander then you and I. The whole world stood by as terror ripped through their state capital many wondering if this was an attempt at World War 3.

Taking a few thousand steps back you can see all the similarities to the perverse intentions of the Nazi’s. Too fully absorb the capacity of what that truly means is they were prepared to kill anybody they found in their paths who disagreed with what they had to stay. Because of the enraged actions of a few we can see the grotesque division that has occurred. There is no way to get the visions out of your head. Imagine a man hating the decisions of the rest of his country died by accidentally electrocuting himself in his never regions. That is a whole lot of hate intent on shock and awe. There was a noose on parliament steps. Something I hoped I would never have to see in this day and time. How is it that we still believe somehow that we can put a tangible value on any life. How can we make up for all the innocent lives that were stolen? Real horrible things were done to real good people and we are getting no closer to healing the pain and soothing their scars because we are too proud too embrace our neighbours and say so. That is who every human being is. They are our neighbours and shouldn’t be judged by the colour of their skin, sexual orientation, education or where they lie on the poverty line.

What will happen to us when we fill ourselves up with superficial emotions and nothing that could possibly withstand the hands of time? What is it that we are all searching for that keeps us miserable and unhappy? Spouses cheat on each other like it is no matter of fact and who knows who the father of little Bobby Sue is I will just let my husband keep thinking that she is his. This isn’t my situation but I can only imagine. Every other baby has a different father mixed with half siblings for the eyes to see. I am not against mixed families. In fact with the right mix some families are great. I am talking about where the kids are forgotten about or forced to grow up to fast or a million other ways we ruin the experience of being young for them. The only thing we have to get us through to the other side is our memories. If all we have is bad what are we going to be able to think about to jump start our hearts?

So can you enjoy this current experience in the current sate that you are in? Is it satisfactory to your expectations and is there anything else you want to see yourself do. Sometime throughout the day I always ask myself what would I do if I was going to die today. My anxiety forces me to go though so I think of all the things I could do that would make me feel fulfilled and happy. One of the first things I always do is drop everything I am doing and give my Schmoo the biggest hugs. He is now my reason for everything and all I want to help give him is his very best chance. My life maybe half over or maybe the end is near. I know that if I could delay the inevitable I would give that boy the biggest hair. I smother him with kisses and I tousle his hair. The moments I share with him make every moment worth living so I know what is most important is something money can’t buy. Then I look around the room and see the many cats and some dogs and all the critters in my critter room and I know all of our lives are the biggest blessings. Something brought us here for us all to people. some people see pets as pets but I see them differently They ae little tiny beings that grew inside their mom and had some help from their dad. All of them orphans because all animals get separated after birth (well except for my budgies whose baby we still have and how we know have three more. At times I feel so guilty that I can’t spend more time with them all. I remind myself though that we saved them and if it wasn’t for us they wouldn’t be alive. I know that they love us by the way they interact and behave. Imagine being loved endlessly by this moany people and how amazing that would feel.

Doesn’t it make the sense to gravitate towards beings that bring out the best in you and try to avoid the rest. What if the love that was pulled turns into an infectious light then sooner rather than later you would have this incredible support system of love and light. We can all live our lives differently and live according to our inner light. Just because their is a revolution doesn’t mean you have to follow you are a free being worthy of doing what is right. Rome wasn’t built in a day but some self righteous *sshole likes to bring it down in one. I would rather embrace my time living with my whole crew of misfits. Here we are saved from being judged and able to live freely our best lives. I love to take them all in like it is my last day. Who has time to bother about the thoughts of so much evil when my little piece of heaven on Earth is right here in front of my eyes.

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