With No Remorse

We all want to talk about life and love like we are the only ones privy too it. Inside each one of us is the power to release a darkness that once released can change the whole world. Humans are the only species that inflict pain and horror on each other with no remorse. You can’t blame a lion who hunts to feed but you can point your finger at the hunter kills. We don’t kill another out of starvation or fear. We murder those for no reason simply to quench an underlying thirst. Rage pumps through our veins faster than speed taken as pills. Nobody knows how far you have fallen even worse that you are ill. If it is a sickness that is what drives you how well you ever get well.

In a second everything can change. That is all it takes. One minute you are laughing, talking, living and the next no more breath is there to take. We can control our destiny much the same way we influence others to make the same decisions as us because safety in numbers am I right? What if those numbers were the very thing we fear. Those who lined history with malicious intention and hate. It is funny how we scorn past leaders for the political stance on humanity and freedom and free rights yet when the chance comes to be remembered for our greatness we choose to look away. Silently we sit and let those we call friends live in fear. That is what happens when you allow hate to run rampant with no retaliation in sight.

Imagine how it would feel to be living on the other side. Forget your friends beside you I am asking you to own your thinking and free will. Instead of being weak and controlled by others stand tall and feel what’s right. You have to imagine a life where you are hunted to those that believe are superior to you. Not because they are or there is any sort of truth but because they were made to believe this by ancestors past. They have to believe that their lives are worth more. If they don’t that means their ancestors fell short of being a beast. They tortured, raped, killed and seperated families. That is pure evil that contributed to what they wanted to believe was a great land. Now look at who these people have become. They wanted to kill anybody who went against their pint of view. This is Nazi thinking and we have to feel alarmed with this intent of radicalism. We can never change that the biggest threat in America came from the President. Maybe this was him holding up his end of the bargain for a voting scandal that gave him power.

Isn’t that what makes this the worst experience about living? The fact that there are mad men everywhere content on threatening or existence. They steal our children like it is their God given right and have their sick way with them. I love my son more than anything and I am terrified for his youth. All it takes is one misstep and you can find yourself entering a lifetime of mourning because of what somebody else may do. Children make friends just so they can slaughter them. We are a mean culture lined with entitlement and it is scarey just how low we can go. I get it. It’s hard because if you were like me you wanted to help everyone cuz you know how bad rock bottom feels. But that is where they get you. That is what makes you weak. It can even poison your thinking being too eager to fit in. I am scared for the World if we can’t accept each other for the beings that we are. Not for who we look like but the soul that lies within. We can’t bare the thought of doing that though. To be so humble to say that we are all equal and to strive to make the World a decent place for all to live. Look how segregated our classes are. Doesn’t that even same fair. For whatever reason one person is destitute while another is worth trillions and never will the two ever see eye to eye.

Why do we want to contort what it means to be alive. How can we take another’s destiny and crush it between ur hands. Is that who we have become? Too hardened by the indifferences and too ashamed by what we may see. Where some laugh at their evil demise another cries with an empty belly and a broken heart. We can change each other’s destiny’s. We can make it be that we all have a purpose. Don’t you long to be loved again for all the right reason instead of hated for all the wrong? I am a one way train heading into my destiny and I don’t want to feel afraid for my fellow man. Could you imagine being a person of color these days. Not knowing who your enemies are even worse if they are your friends. 100’s of years ago it was easy. You can assume anybody different was hated. We hated those differences that made living so beautiful and so unique. Instead of trying to learn how to behave differently we began to commit the ultimate sin. The sin that put you on a pedestal above anybody, we should have yanked those stools out from right underneath. To simply live or to live simply. One to be arrogant and the other to live undetected. To scared too fully bloom because you are tired of all the shade. If you feel the light for even one second would it make all the pain here on Earth worthwhile. We have to feel some pain before we can feel something great. There is no way that those who get taken from us in such a tragic way will never feel compassion at least in their own demise. If yesterday is only a memory and tomorrow is just a dream what does that make today, the right here and the right now. To me today is the possibility of everything you can become to be something great. No longer cast away in the shadows but brought back permanently into the light.

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